Types of Belts | How To Style Your Outfit With Your Belt

Initially worn to hold your pants up, gents belts have slowly climbed the fashion ladder and now are statement accessories. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and more, you can find a wide range of belts online. A belt can either make an outfit or have it fall apart, and with how versatile belts are they can be paired with every type of outfit.

Check out the list we curated with tips about how to style the types of mens belts depending on your outfits.

Types of Belt

  1. Mens Belts for Suits
  2. Belts for Office Wear
  3. Mens Belts for Jeans
  4. Belts for Shorts
  5. Belts for Sports Outfit
  6. Belts for Travel

1. Mens Belts for Suits

Suits have been a staple garment for many official/ special occasions for men. And despite the fact that these suits are meant to be smart, sophisticated, and formal, a small slip can make your whole outfit look bad.

Belts can definitely make or break your whole look, so to avoid this from happening here are the belts that can accompany your outfit:

  • Formal Belts

Otherwise known as plain leather belts, are the most common belts that can be worn on every type of clothing, but is most commonly paired with a formal outfit. The most common choice being a black leather belt with a metal frame style buckle, or a brown leather belt with a simple metal buckle.

Expert’s Tip: The most common mistake men commit is not realising that their outfit needs to match. Always try to match your shoes to your belt, and your belt to your outfit. Brown shoes with a black belt mean nothing but trouble.

  • Skinny Belts

Usually lesser than 1 cm in length, the skinny belts have rightfully earned their name. The most versatile out of the rest, these belts have slowly been rising up in popularity due to changing trends.

Expert’s Tip: You should pair your skinny belt with a skinny tie along with a well fit suit. This is the only combination they work best in. If your tie is too broad, or the suit doesn’t fit as well the skinny belt would look out of place.

2. Belts for Office Wear

Nothing can beat the classic combination of a crisp shirt paired with a pair of well ironed pants for work. Office wear can range anywhere from formal pants and shirt along with an occasional tie, to a semi casual outfit comprising of a shirt with a pair of jeans.

Here’s the belts you can pair it with for the perfect office look:

  • Skinny Belts

If paired well, a skinny belt can bring your whole outfit together. Always pair them with a skinny formal pant to bring the most out of it.

  • Woven Belts

Woven leather belts got their name due to the way the belt is crafted. The belt features diagonal criss cross weaves, and are considered to be more casual than formal. These leather jean belts can be found in subtle colours like black leather and brown leather, or in colours like red leather, green leather, or more.

  • Formal Belts

Formal belts are an absolute classic, and due to their versatility go well with every outfit you own. But they’re definitely known more as formal belts than casual.

Expert Tip: Choose the colour of your leather belt based on the outfit you’re wearing. While black does go with everything, a tan or brown belt might bring it out a lot more.

3. Mens Belts for Jeans

Jeans are a style of trousers made from denim, and became popular as a term after Levi’s made their first pair of blue jeans. Designed originally for miners and cowboys, jeans now are one of the most popular types of trousers.

Here’s how you can style your jeans:

  • Double Buckle

Double buckle belts feature two buckles facing each other, and are usually crafted from leather. These leather belts are considered fashion accessories and are worn by both men and women.

Expert Tip: Some double buckle belts have really busy straps, while some just have a chunky buckle. To bedazzle your blue jeans, you should go for the belts with a busy strap, they always add something to the outfit. But if your outfit itself is busy, then you should get the belts with a chunky buckle.

  • End Tips

Usually worn as a casual belt, these accessories feature a metal tip on the end, and come in a wide range of colour variations in the tip and the strap. End tip belts are crafted from leather, and the black leather belts and brown leather belts are a popular choice in this as well.

Expert Tip: A little bling never hurts. Make your regular jeans stand out with an end tip belt, and if you’re up for a fun look, try out some colours as well.

4. Belts for Shorts

Typically worn in warm weathers, shorts don’t always look good with a belt. But if a pant has loops, then it was meant for a belt.

Here are some belts that will compliment your shorts well:

  • Surcingle

These fashion belts are a spring time classic. Featuring leather ends and trim with a stretchy cotton body, these belts are available in a bunch of bright colours. Because of how stretchy they are, they’re extremely comfortable and don’t make you feel as restricted.

Experts Tip: Have fun with some colours. Surcingles are supposed to be bright and fun, so don’t hesitate to pair a multi coloured belt with your shorts; as long as they go well with each other, you’ll definitely stand out.

  • Woven Belts

Woven belts give your outfit the cool, breezy look due to their diagonal criss cross weaves it features.

Expert Tip: Experiment with your look a lot more with these woven belts. Don’t stick to the black leathers and brown leathers, instead go bold with a little bit of colour to make your outfit look stunning.

5. Belts for Sports Outfit

Most sport outfits don’t serve the need to wear a belt, but like we earlier mentioned, if it has loops it is meant for a belt. Sportsmen usually wear belts without a belt buckle, or a chunky belt buckle for a comfortable outfit.

These are the belts that work well with a sports outfit:

  • Bow Knots

As the name suggests, bow knot belts are belts with a bow instead of a buckle. Crafted from various materials, these can be tied into a knot or come pre tied. Some of these are wide belts whilst some can be skinny.

  • Rope Belts

These belts resemble the look and feel of a rope, which is why they’re called rope belts. They can either be single or multi-layered, andare best paired with outdoor and sportswear.

6. Belts for Travel

You should always travel in convenience, and if there are practical travel accessories that allow you to do that, then you should check it out.

We found these belt options for you to travel in ease with:

  • Money Belt

With an appearance of a belt, this piece of accessories features a zip and a long slot to store all of your money in. While they may not be as stylish as the rest, they are a practical and discreet way of carrying your cash along.

  • Waist Belt

Waist belts, also known as fanny packs, is a small pouch secured with a zipper and usually worn around the hips or the waist. These aren’t as discreet as a money belt, but are just as effective.

Some outfits can never look complete without a belt. And if styled correctly, a belt will definitely make your outfit stand out. So check out this list we made of the types of belts for men and let us know which looks you want to try?