Types of Clutch Bags | Everything You Need To Know About

Handbags and purses are a staple for everyone now, from large bags to small purses, everyone has owned one at some point of time. But these purses and handbags are available to all of us in various styles, one of which is the most common and loved right now; clutch purses. These clutch purses are available in different styles, colours, materials, and shapes. In fact one of the most expensive types of clutches are the evening clutches, or as their commonly known as; minaudière. If you’re looking to get yourself one, you should definitely go through this list we curated of the types of clutch bags and make your choice.

Types of Clutch Bags

  1. The Classic
  2. The Envelope
  3. The Day Clutch
  4. The Box Clutch
  5. The Clutch Bag for Men

1. The Classic Clutch Bag

Image Courtesy: Tom Ford

With so many different variations of the clutch purse, we tend to omit the original. The Classic is a rectangular purse with detachable straps. They can be used for any and every occasion and come in different materials and designs. The most common material these come in are silk or cloth sewn onto a metal frame.

2. The Envelope Clutch Purse

Image Courtesy: Lancaster

The name says it all, an envelope clutch is a rectangular shaped purse that resembles an envelope. The material is more rigid to keep its shape and are available in various colours, and sizes. This modern take on a classic is often looked at as quirky and fun but they make an amazing style statement and help with standing out.

3. The Day Clutch Bag

Image Courtesy: Kate Spade

The day clutch is somewhat similar to the classic but is slightly bigger. More accustomed to taking it to work, rather than a smaller clutch purse for a day out in the sun. The day clutch bag would normally include interior pockets and would also fit inside a bigger bag, they’re not too big, but they’re definitely bigger than the classic.

4. The Box Clutch Purse

Image Courtesy: Dolce and Gabbana

The box clutch, otherwise known as a minaudière, is a structured(in most cases box-shaped) clutch that’s often bejewelled, appropriate for a night out. The night clutch purse is available in multiple colours and don’t often have to be flashy or in loud colours, and different shapes and sizes as well.

5. The Clutch Bag for Men

Image Courtesy: Versace

A portfolio bag, or a clutch bag for men is a bag big enough to store everything from a tablet, to all your everyday essentials. They’re not too big and can comfortably fit inside your bag, and if you want to hold them, then they won’t look like an oversized bag in your hand. Slowly gaining popularity now, these bags are often times mistaken for a tablet or laptop sleeve, but they’re not the same thing. 

Clutches are a very small and simple design for people who don’t want to carry a larger purse along, and they are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Some clutches are bright and make your outfit shine, while some are subdued for a great office look. If you’re interested in getting yourself a certain kind of clutch purse, then look through this list of the types of clutch bags, before you make your purchase.