Types of Pens | How Many Of These Different Pens Do You Own?

A pen is a writing instrument used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing. The nylon or ball tip is fit in to a metal or plastic holder, this makes up the pen. Many people add rare pens to their already growing collection and take pride in displaying them. If you’re one of them, get yourself a sleek and simple pen box and show off your style. If you want to start, then here’s a list of types of pens for you to go through.

Types of pens:

  1. Ballpoint
  2. Rollerball
  3. Fountain
  4. Felt-tip
  5. Gel

1. Ballpoint Pens

There are different types of ballpoint pens, a ballpoint pen has a tiny ball at its writing point made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide. It dispenses an oil based ink by rotating said ballpoint. The ink dries immediately after making contact with the paper. Different types of ballpoint pens vary in costs as well. They’re usually available in both expensive and inexpensive types.

2. Rollerball Pens

There are various types of pens for writing, but sometimes they share more similarities than we know. Rollerball pens are the same as a ballpoint pen, but use water-based liquid or gel liquid instead. The water-based ink dries quicker and the tip glides a lot more smoother on a surface. These pens were made to capture the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the smooth ‘wet ink’ of a fountain pen.

3. Fountain Pens

The tip of the fountain pen is called a nib. There are different types of fountain pens based on ink, nibs and reservoirs. Fountain pens use water-based inks delivered to the nib that flows from the reservoir through a feed. This reservoir can be refillable or disposable. A fountain pen can be used with permanent or non-permanent inks. Fountain pens are also used for calligraphy and are considered a type of calligraphy pen.

4. Felt-tip Pens

Felt-tip pens, also known as markers, have a porous tip. Inks used for each marker depends on their functionality. There are different types of felt tips pens. A marker meant for a white board or sketch pens for kids, use non-permanent ink. But markers meant to mark large boxes with use permanent ink. Markers with the thinnest tips are used for drawing, writing or sketching. Whereas markers with the widest tips are used to write on a whiteboards, etc. Some markers have wide tips and use bright but transparent inks, these are called highlighters.

5. Gel Pens

A gel pen combines the properties of oil-based ink and the smoothness of a water-based ink. There are different types of gel pens, such as gel pens use water-based inks and can be used for writing and various illustrations. Other examples could be the colour of the ink used in gel pens, due to them being used for illustrations you have a wide range of coloured gel pens to pick from.

All types of pens are used for various reasons. There are types of pens for writing, types of pens for drawing, types of fountain pens, and so on. Do you like collecting pens? Out of such a huge variety of types of pens, how many of these do you have as your prized possession? Store all of your stunning pens in a gorgeous pen box to keep them around for a lot longer.