Types of Ties | 6 Types of Ties You Didn’t Know Existed

A necktie, more commonly referred to as a tie, is a long piece of cloth worn around the neck for decorative purposes. Usually resting under your shirt collar and knotted around the throat, worn by men and occasionally by women. With the variety of types of ties, there’s always one for every occasion.

A gentleman always dresses to the nines and owns a tie for every occasion. No matter what the outfit is, a tie will always bring the look together. If you’re someone who wants all your ties to look sharp, you can store them all in a tie case.

Types of ties

    1. Four in Hand
    2. Bowtie
    3. Skinny Tie
    4. Seven Folds
    5. Cravat
    6. Clip ons

1. Four in Hand Necktie

Four in hands is what you’re more familiar with, are made out of silk and polyester and occasionally made from cotton. These ties are a staple for most business suits and special occasions and come in a variety of widths, colours, and patterns. A fun way to spruce up this classic is through knots, and there is a wide range for you to master!

2. Bow-tie


Bow-ties are a fun alternative to the standard tie. The modern bow tie is tied using the shoelace knot. Traditionally worn on formal occasions, bow-ties are now rapidly gaining popularity as an everyday accessory. They’re still worn on formal occasions too. Because they’re more popularly worn on a daily basis, you can find them in a wide range of fun colours and patterns. You can also wear fun, colourful bow-ties to spice your suits up.

3. Skinny Tie

Skinny ties are a slimmer version of the standard necktie. Popularized in the late 50s and early 60s by British bands The Beatles and The Kinks, they’re now worn over casual outfits more than formals. Most skinny ties are black but they come in a wide range of colours as well.

4. Seven Folds

A cousin of the four in hands, seven folds are made of a yard of silk folded seven times. Because of the way it’s made, the tie has no lining. They’re a little more pricey than your standard tie, so save these up for a special occasion.

5. Cravat


Cravats are brightly coloured silk handkerchiefs worn around the neck. Made popular by Croat soldiers in 1660. The modern version of a cravat is the ascot which is pinned rather than tied. Stand out by pairing a colourful cravat with your best suits. 

6. Pre-tied or Clip-on

Pre-tied or more commonly known as a clip-on is the standard four in hand neckties with a clip or a hook. These ties are more frequently used for children, but also in occupations where a standard tie might pose a safety hazard, like Police officers.