Types of Totes | Here’s What Didn’t Know About Tote Bags

According to the Oxford dictionary, a tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from its sides of the pouch. Totes, like other bags, are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common being cloth and nylon. Despite not being the most popular choice initially, tote bags are now coming bag and are being used for almost everything. But the question is are you using the right tote? Look through this list we created of the types of totes to find out.

While totes have slowly become a popular choice amongst women, bags for women come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. With such a huge variety of different bags available, picking the right kind can be a little tedious. If you’re looking for a specific type of bag, check out this list we created of the types of bags for womens to find out more.

Types of Totes

  1. Market Tote
  2. Travel Tote
  3. Work Tote
  4. Beach Tote
  5. Foldable Tote
  6. Picnic Tote
  7. Boat Tote
  8. Diaper Tote
  9. Promotional Tote

1. Market Tote

Image Courtesy: Coach

A large bag with parallel handles is considered to be a tote bag and is often unfastened. Usually made of sturdy cloth with leather handles and a bottom. Often found in various material, canvas and cloth are the more popular choices. The market totes are the classic, simple and practical. This usually has one slot and is best used for carrying your groceries from the shop. These classics are one of the most common types of totes.

2. Travel Tote

Image Courtesy: Lo and Sons

Similar to the market tote, the travel tote is a large bag, but unlike the classic that only has one slot, this one features a lot more slots that’s suitable for storing all of your travel essentials with ease. These are usually crafted from leather and are meant to be strong and durable for them to be the best and most practical carry ons for your travel.  

3. Work Tote

Image Courtesy: Tory Burch

Work totes are as the name suggests for work. Usually large, these totes sometimes feature an electronics pocket that also store your tablet or laptops. They’re also usually made out of leather and feature multiple pockets to store your wallet, electronic and other work essentials.

4. Beach Tote

Image Courtesy: Kate Spade

We often tend to use larger bags when we’re off to the beach, but what if it’s not the right one? A beach tote is the perfect companion for your day out at the beach. Usually a large bag with a couple of smaller pockets, you can perfectly store all of your beach essentials, your phone, and your wallet in there with ease. Jute is often the most popular choice when it comes to these, but so are the cloth totes.

5. Foldable Tote

Image Courtesy: Tumi

Whenever you’re out shopping you tend to carry an extra bag with you, some totes especially the classic are made out of sturdy cloth that might not fold as easily. A foldable tote on the other hand folds easily, doesn’t take up too much space, and often features a zippered pocket big enough to store your phone and other smaller trinkets.

6. Picnic Tote

Image Courtesy: Picnic Time

What if you had a tote for your perfect picnic outing? Well you do! A picnic tote is the perfect bag for all of your outings featuring slots for your hot and cold food/drinks. Usually made of polyester these sometimes feature adjustable straps and are sturdy enough for carrying as many items as you want.

7. Boat Tote

Image Courtesy: Joshu + Vela

A boat tote got its name for the bottom being shaped like a boat. These bags are usually made from canvas, but can and are made with other materials like cloth, or nylon. Quite similar to the classic, this features a few extra slots to give you the look and feel of a bag more than a tote.

8. Diaper Tote

Image Courtesy: Pottery Barn Kids

Diapers and other essentials can usually be carried in every bag, but a diaper tote is the one you want to go for. They can usually be worn across the body and feature a number of pockets and slots for all of your baby essentials including the bottles and more. These totes are crafted from cloth and are usually really soft and colourful with fun prints on them.

9. Promotional Tote

Image Courtesy: Empire Promos

These inexpensive, durable and simple bags are usually made out of non-woven water resistant materials. As the name suggests, these are a great starter point for companies that have never gone down the promotional totes path. Usually meant only for promotional purposes these bags have a single slot, the same as the classic tote.