Types of Travel Bags | Everything You Need To Know About Bags

Travelling is something everyone enjoys, but when it comes to your luggage, we’re not really sure what to do. Many situations and things come into consideration when picking a bag appropriate for your travel. While all of them are travel appropriate, some are more easier given the circumstances than the other. If you’re having difficulties telling them apart, fret not! Check out this list of the different types of travel bags to get yourself better acquainted.

Types of Travel Bags

  1. Travel Totes
  2. Duffel Bags
  3. Weekenders
  4. Wheeled backpacks
  5. Rolling Luggage
  6. Travel Packs

1. Travel Totes

Image Courtesy: Dagne Dover

A large unfastened bag with parallel handles emerging from its side are known as tote bags. Usually with just a single compartment for all of your daily essentials, a travel tote has smaller sections well equipped to carry all of your travel essentials with ease. In fact these make the perfect carry ons for your travels with enough space for your wallet, passport, phone, electronics, etc.

2. Duffel Bags

Image Courtesy: Herschel Supply Co.

Duffle bags are a cylindrical canvas bag closed by a drawstring and carried over the shoulder, but were initially more commonly found on military personnels and sportsmen. Now, these bags are more commonly used as a carry on on most travels since they’re easier to carry around and have enough space to store all of your travel essentials in there.

3. Weekenders

Image Courtesy: Smythson of Bond Street

As the name suggests, a weekender is the ultimate travel bag designed to hold enough clothing, toiletries, and your basic travel essentials for a long weekend trip. They happen to be the perfect size for short trips and work incredibly well as carry ons for longer trips. Typically made of cloth or nylon, these are slowly coming up in the leather territory as well and are more boxy and sturdy as compared to a duffle bag.

4. Wheeled backpacks

Image Courtesy: Eagle Creek

A wheeled backpack is like perfect blend between a backpack and a suitcase. It usually is the same size as a regular backpack, or maybe even bigger, and have four wheels at the bottom making it easier for when you don’t want to any added strain on your back. Most places might not be wheel friendly, but always having an option helps. Wheeled backpacks usually have the mixed space capacity of a backpack and a suitcase, allowing you to carry as much as you want without really adding any strain towards your back or arms.

5. Rolling Luggage

Image Courtesy: Vera Bradley

Rolling suitcases are suitcases with two wheels on the base making it easier for the person to travel with it. The first commercially successful rolling suitcases was invented in 1970, and have been a popular choice since then. While initially used as carry ons, these have slowly made their way into checked luggage. But more recently four wheelers have become a popular choice and are referred to as ‘spinner’ luggage since they spin.

6. Travel Packs

Image Courtesy: Osprey

Travel packs are a specialized rucksack specially designed for adventurers and extremely popular with backpackers. They don’t look any different compared to a regular rucksack, but they do have an added benefit of being able to zip shoulder straps, hip belts, and shoulder harnesses out of sight. They work perfectly well during times when you just have to pack up and move. Extremely easy to travel with and have a lot of space for your essentials.

Despite the names of different travel bags, they serve the same purpose; making your travel as comfortable and as easy as possible. Each of these are available in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes, allowing you to pick and choose the one you like and want. If you’re still not sure about which one you should pick, take a look at this list we created of the types of travel bags before you make your choice.