Best 14 Types of Card Holders and Card Cases

We live in the 21st century where cash and coins are becoming obsolete and eventually it’s going to render the unnecessarily huge wallet useless. Think about it, the bulk of your everyday monetary transactions probably involve a contactless card or even your phone more often than you find yourself fumbling for loose change, right?

Yet, somehow too many of us are still hulking around enormous, battered wallets filled to the brim with mostly useless receipts, stray coins and business cards that we’ll never ever do anything with. So why not put your hefty wallet on a diet and invest in a sleek, slim card holder that forces you to strip down to the essentials. Not convinced just yet so here we are sharing a few of the types of card holders for you to pursue and shop.

Both men and women use cardholders and rightly so. Because of how slim it is, it can easily slide into the pockets. Head over to check out the best credit card holder wallets and make your purchase.

Types of Card Holders & Card Cases

  1. Business Card Case
  2. Card Case With Money Clip
  3. Bifold Card Case
  4. ID Card Case
  5. Wallet With Removable Card Case
  6. Metal Card Case
  7. Phone Case With Card Holder
  8. Card Case With Zipper
  9. RFID Card Case
  10. Calling Card Case
  11. Slim Card Case
  12. Keyring Card Case
  13. Paper Card Holder
  14. Envelope Card Holder

1. Business Card Case:

Whether you’re behind a desk from 9 to 5, or you’re a serial entrepreneur, having an appropriate means of carrying your business cards can be nearly as important as the quality of the cards themselves. Organise your cards using a business card case or holder. It fits comfortably in your pocket, purse or bag. Also called as Visiting Card Holder.

Nobody likes receiving a card from an already overflowing wallet, that leaves your card looking crumpled an wet. And that is exactly what a business card holder prevents. Along with organising your card, it better helps with bringing your whole professional look together.

Interested in getting one for yourself? Then check out this list we made of the best business card holder for men before you make your purchase.

2. Card Case With Money Clip:

The classy money clip card wallet is one of our most loved slim wallets. It features intelligent sections for cards & more, along with a money clip for quick cash. This case is light, compact, and is meant to be carried in your front pocket or rear pocket. Also called as Money Clip Card Holder or Clip Card Case.

3. Bifold Card Case :

This card case features a bi-fold design. The perfect choice for every day carry of cards and ID, the Bifold Card Case is a slim and sleek option that can go with you from the office to range. Also called as Flip Card Case.

4. ID Card Case:

Never wonder where your ID is again! It will always be close at hand with the ID Case. It features an ID window and a card slip case. ID Card Case is a practical, handsome, and compact solution to containing a man’s priorities. Also called as Card Case Neck or Card Case With Strap or i-Card Holder.

5. Wallet With Removable Card Case:

Sleek and compact, this simple wallet will hold all of your cards, banknotes, receipts – a perfect fit for any pocket. The best part about Card Holder Wallet is the Removable Holder. In the day we can use the entire wallet. While in the evening just the card holder. It holds all of your cards or folded notes internally in multiple compartments. Also called as Day and Night wallet.

6. Metal Card Case:

Keep your cards clean and unbent in this metal card holder. It looks highly professional and sophisticated. Metal Card Holder is lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket or purse. It holds about 6 credit cards.

7. Phone Case With Card Holder:

Skip a step and have everything you need in your hand with Pockets!

Whether you want to ditch your wallet for good, or have the option to travel light on occasion, a Phone case with slots for credit cards, ID and cash is a handy tool. Holds multiple items super tight and snug, nothing will fall out. Ultra lightweight and slim.

8. Card Case With Zipper:

This card holder is equipped with a zip closure and a leather-trimmed zip pull. Zippers keep everything inside so there is no chance of losing anything. Its unique, compact, stylish design will allow you to keep your frequently used credit or membership cards always on hand and in sight. Equipped with an inner pocket for banknotes, it embodies a fully-functional wallet in a compact size. Also called as Card Case with Zip Pocket.

9. RFID Card Case:

It is designed with a special lining to protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in your credit and debit cards from any unwarranted scanning. By blocking unauthorized RFID, NFC and BLE scans, the wallet helps keep personal info safe from thieves and offers peace of mind.

10. Calling Card Case:

Calling-card cases are embossed with very rare and antique designs by craftsmen. They can be made out of everything from gold, agate or leather to sharkskin or wood. Calling Card Case adds sophistication and style.

11. Slim Card Case:

Slim Card Case keeps bulk to an absolute minimum. It stores your ID and credit cards – everything you need on the go. Elegant and minimalist by design, this slim card case can hold up to 6 cards, plus cash. Also called as Card Sleeve or Minimalist Card Holder.

12. Keyring Card Case:

This Keyring Card Holder is the perfect way to make sure you never forget your ID or credit card again — just slide in all the necessities, clip the ring to your keys and be on your merry way. Also called as Keychain Card Holder.

13. Paper Card Holder:

Stumped for eco-friendly gift ideas? Check out Paper Card Holders! With this simple piece of high-quality kraft paper you will be able to carry up to 6 cards, plenty amount of cash and business cards

14. Envelope Card Holder:

Fun and functional envelope card holder with additional card slot on back. Card case is held securely shut with help of a metal or magnet snap.