Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day witnesses a boom in the gifting industry. It’s a day when love is celebrated in equal momentum all across the globe. From teens to aged people, all couples tend to celebrate and value this day, in order to acknowledge their better halves.

Exchanging gifts and flowers are on the top of the gifting priority list.

There are ton of websites and shops that demonstrate the best of the best gifts you could possibly think of. But somehow none of them seem to fit the bill. That’s when you decide to bring out the creative genius in you by getting crafty and disaster strikes!

If you are dealing with a similar problem, my friend, fret no more. You have arrived at the right place. Join us, as we let a few easy as hell ‘Do It Yourself’ secrets out of our bags which will definitely add a twist to the mundane chocolates and roses and make this valentine’s day a memorable one. Most of the gifts available in the market are expensive and cumbersome to gift. Gifts that are personalized and handmade are easier, appreciated and arrive in your budget. Hence here are a few DIY ideas that are absolutely simple to make but equally sweet for the ‘D’ day.

DIY No 1: 52 Reasons I Love You52 reasons i love you

The first gift says, 52 Reasons why you love them. The reasons are countless, but an abridged list makes a more manageable gift for Valentine’s Day. This DIY uses nothing but a simple deck of cards to write down the sweet little nothings you love about your favorite person.


DIY No 2: Making Memory Candles

makingmemories candle

Display your favorite photos in a whole new way. Using see-through contact paper and black and white versions of your favorite photos turn a set of plain candle holders into a romantic gift that displays your favorite moments forever.

DIY No 3: Seven Days of Love

love note pill

Your man/woman may claim to not like surprises, but they are sure to love this one. Fill a seven-day pill box with tiny treats and surprises, plus a special message for each day. Use a pre-made printable for the note, or use your own creative design and message. It’s time to bring out the Picasso in you.

DIY No 4: I Love You Because…


Your favorite photo frame, a darling pre-made print, and a dry-erase marker become an easy and romantic DIY project your loved one will cherish. Write down a new love message every day and make your love blush everyday.

DIY No 5: Chalkboard Painted Mugs


Have you seen those cute chalkboard mugs that are used to write cute little messages or quotes? They are so much fun and we think it would be funny to write crazy messages on them daily. So paint your favorite coffee mug with chalkboard paint, chalk down a personalized love message and voila! A DIY coffee mug with your handwritten message is ready.

DIY No 6: Heart Tote Bag


To make one all you will need is one canvas tote bag, fabric paint. To start simply lay the heart template in the middle of the tote bag. Dip the eraser into to the paint and start on the edge of the heart, pressing the pencil eraser straight down on the tote bag. When you are done remove the heart template and you should have a heart shape with a straight edge.

With these amazing ideas you are sure to get brownie points from your love interest. A DIY gift not only feels personal but also goes lighter on your budget. Of course, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the other side of the table often appreciates a thoughtful gift and something created out of your own hands makes all the difference.

So this valentine day prep up to make some amazing and easy DIY gifts for your love and see them go gaga over it. And in case these don’t suffice your needs, check out www.gogappa.com for more such incredible Valentine’s Day gifts.



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