Why Singapore is a paradise in dark|Singapore nightlife

Singapore Nightlife

Singapore, a city that attracts millions of tourists every year, has become one of the most happening places in the world. Known for its shopping hub, feisty food, & a striking combination of the ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, & diverse wildlife – the city also has a ‘dark’ side to it, which you will love.

Singapore_LineSingapore NightLife

Singapore Flyer_Singapore nightlife_Trip_India

Sure Singapore has its own set of daytime adventures be it the million picture opportunities you get at the Sentosa island or the crazy Singapore flyer. Then there are some places like the Underwater world and  Singapore’s welcoming nature and wildlife where you could spend all your day admiring the earth’s creations. But as the night falls, Singapore transforms into a vibrant celebration of what people call the ‘Singapore nightlife.’ Of course, we all have heard of the much talked about Night party hotspots in Singapore. But that is definitely not what we are referring to when we say ‘Singapore Nightlife’.

Singapore_LineNight Safari

White_Tiger_Singapore zoo_Night safari

Singapore probably didn’t find the day- time Safari that much fun. The city has world’s first and only nocturnal zoo which offers a night Safari! Usually, the nocturnal zoos reverse the day – night of its nocturnal animals so that are awake during the day. However, the Singapore night safari (quite rightly)chose to reverse the human day night cycle instead and so the Safari is open only during the night. As of 2015, the Night safari houses over 2,500 animals (130 species).

Singapore_LineF1 Night Racing

Singapore_F1_Night Race_GoGappa_Singapore Night life

You probably might not be an F1 racing fan. But if the sports enthusiasts are to be trusted, the Singapore F1 racing is a different experience for everyone. Why wouldn’t it be? It happens at night! The only night Formula 1 race takes place in Singapore every year. The race runs through a route covering most of the Singapore night life’s iconic landmarks making it a delight to watch! And the description of this F1 night race would be incomplete without a special mention of the delicious food and spectacular light works that Singapore treats you with!

Singapore_LineSingapore light and water show

The light show_trip to Singapore_for Indians_GoGappa

A Singapore nightlife tour won’t be complete without this spectacular Marina Bay Sands Light and Water show called ‘Wonder full’. The show is free for everyone and takes place every night. Designed by an Australian firm, Wonder full uses some of the most modern laser technology ever created. One of the most overwhelming light shows in the world. The show has live symphony orchestra music playing along with the show. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Singapore_LineFood in Singapore
Prawns in singapore_Singapore nightlife_Asia_Gogappa

For the food-lovers who are wondering about the dinner time specialties, Singapore has a treat for us here too. With the popular “Pasar Malam” (Night Market) China town serving the authentic Singapore street food as well as late night restaurants which are open till post mid-night you will never have to worry about food in Singapore. Good food with some spectacular visual, the Singapore nightlife sure is enticing for every traveling soul!

Singapore Nightlife has lots to offer. There are also yearly Night festivals and other night shows that attract millions of visitors during the peak visit time. Someone truly said, “the real Singapore wakes up in the night”. So when are you going for a night trip to Singapore?

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