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Trip to city of Prague

When Aristotle said “Time crumbles things”, the Bohemians were yet to build something exceptional – the city of Prague. From the cobblestone pavements to the beautiful castles, everything in this fairytale city will take you to a time that only exists in your dreams.

Prague_LineThe Astronomical Clock

Astronomical_Clock_City of Prague_Europe Tour_GoGappa

Time is priceless, and Prague’s time-keeper is not only priceless but also timeless. Installed in 1410, this 600-year-old Astronomical clock is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. Even though the clock’s original purpose was to depict the movement of celestial bodies, it also points out time as a secondary function. When visiting the clock, don’t miss the apostle parade (the wooden apostle figures parade and peak out of the tiny clock windows) which takes place every hour. One of the much talked about events here is the light show that takes place only on special occasions. Millions of tourists visit the clock every year to catch a glimpse of the brilliant intricacies of this elaborate clock.

Prague_LineThe Prague Castle

The Prague Castle_City of Prague_Travel Prague_Europe Tour_GoGappa

The oldest of the fairytales were probably based in Prague. The Prague castle is the oldest castle ever built in the world and is an important cultural monument in the whole of Czech Republic. Even today, the crown Jewels of the Kings and Queens who inhabited the castle are open for viewing. Who wouldn’t want to visit the castle of their tales and experience the beauty of earliest architecture? Well, guess what – It’s free for you to enter! (Provided you go during the non-peak hours which is usually post-afternoon). Located at a high point this castle will undoubtedly give you the best view of the city of Prague. But don’t go unprepared because this castle is also one of the largest castles in the world and will take at least a day long walk for you to explore it well!

Prague_LineThe Dancing Building

Dancing Building_Prague city tours_Time in Prague_Europe_Czech_GoGappa

No, the image isn’t photoshopped and neither is it a building gone wrong. Be prepared before you visit this building- it is sure to boggle your symmetry-friendly mind. The neo-baroque style Dancing House was built not very long ago by architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry around 1996 i.e post the Velvet revolution (a protest to transfer the power from the communist party to a democratic republic). The dancing house is politically and culturally important to the city of Prague as it is symbolic of the country’s successful switch from communist dictatorship to democracy. That is where it gets its structure from – a celebration representing two dancers whirling around each other.

Prague_LineThe city of Prague

City of Prague_Old town square_Europe_GoGappa

By now we sure know why the city of Prague is beautiful and timeless. The Prague culture dates back many centuries ago, and even today the city has retained what is best from the age-old traditions yet adapting to the modern world. Today, you can travel through the city of Prague in trams and metro.Yet, how can a fairy tale exist without your horse carriage ride? Prague offers horse carriage tours of the beautiful city. It has even continued its centuries-old Beer brewing tradition and offers one of the best beers in the world! (Prague just got a bit more exciting)

If this isn’t the fairy tale world then what is? Tell us what you think is most interesting about this beautiful city in the comment box right below!

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