Breast Wallet

Breast Wallet


Not all wallets fit all occasions. Your billfold or trifold wallet might be perfect for your requirements i.e to hold the contents of your wallet and organize it. However, the last thing you want is for your bulky wallet protruding your suit or trouser pocket. When suited-up for an occasion be it corporate or a traditional event, you take utmost care in ensuring that your outfit is well-suited and crisp and all your accessories match and add up well to contribute to your attire. Then why leave out an important accessory i.e. your wallet. For this reason, breast wallets are perfect. They are made specially to suit your suit. Breast pocket wallets are long in size and slim in shape thus making it perfect. They also have visible dedicated spaces to make your wallet contains as organized as it could get.


When you have dressed for the occasion thoughtfully you expect each element to match your look. The brand Urby understands exactly this and ensures that your breast wallet is made with the best quality possible premium leather as well as top-notch craftsmanship. You can choose from a wide range of breast pocket wallets in various colors as well as types of leather including classic conventional colors like black textured leather, rich brown croc-embossed leather and much more. You can choose a color that goes best with your most favorite suit or other corporate attire. The brand offers an impressive variety for all.


The breast wallets offered by urby are comprehensive and also come in the form of continental wallets that is it can hold currency of multiple nations and it can hold your international documents as well. Thus making these breast wallets perfectly suited for your business trips out of the country. One more thing that adds to this travel-friendly breast wallet is that urby offers personalization as well thus you can get your breast pocket personalized during your trip making it truly unique and identifiable.

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Personalised Mens Wallet - To make your wallet truly special and unique, you can personalize it with your initials, name or message in your choice of foil color.

Colors - Get the mens wallet in the color of your choice. Urby offers wallets for men in Black Wallet, Brown Wallet, Red Wallet, White Wallet, Blue Wallet, Green Wallet, Pink Wallet, Purple Wallet, Gold Wallet, Tan Wallet, Grey Wallet and many more.

Minimalist Wallet - For those who believe in fewer the better and likes to carry just the bare essentials, Urby offers special minimalist wallets for men

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