Card Cases
Simplest wallet ever. A perfect wallet substitute for a minimalist who uses cards more frequently than cash or would like to separate the cash.
Available in 4 designs
4 Card Slots Folded Note Pocket
Classy Card Case
Available in 6 colours.
Classy is an absoute classic. It features essential external slots & an internal pocket for cards.
12 Card Slots Folded Note Pocket
Available in 8 colours.
Ralph is bifold cardholder featuring uncluttered space for all your cards. It also features pockets for pin money.
5 Card Slots Folded Note Pocket
Front Pocket Wallet
Available in 3 colours.
Front is an innovative slim wallet for all pockets. It features additional hidden slots for cards & pin money.
7 Card Slots Folded Note Pocket
Smart Wallet
Available in 4 colours.
Smart is refined version of front. It comes with more space for cards & a hidden slot for pin money.