Claire Foldable Small Purse - Cinnamon
Claire Foldable Small Purse - Cinnamon
Claire Foldable Small Purse - Cinnamon
Claire Foldable Small Purse - Cinnamon
Claire Foldable Small Purse - Cinnamon

Claire |  Foldable Small Purse

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Colour: Cinnamon
Rs. 1,795

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About Claire
About Claire

Claire is a small purse that is a true blend of function and form. Its rich leather exterior is complemented by its highly efficient interior featuring credit card slots, currency compartment and a gusseted coin pocket.

This thoughtfully designed cute little luxury provides enough storage for all of your daily essentials. Add personalisation to make it truly unique.



Premium quality real leather
10.8 cm x 9.8 cm


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customers who purchased this product shared the below feedback on quality, craftsmanship and style. If you make a purchase, We'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures. Email us at with your order number and awesome feedback.
37 reviews.   Average rating 4.65/5 Urby calculates the product review ratings using a artificial intelligence algorithm instead of a raw data average. This algorithm takes into account factors including but not limited to: the age of review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified buyers.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 17 , 2018
    Piurchased it for my sister in law
    I recently purchased this product for my sister in law and she absolurely adores it. This Claire prodcut is amazing and she absolutely love the materia; and the one maain cjuurreach ursl
    Linda Dsouza
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 12 , 2018
    This wallet is such a delight to use. Amazing
    This product has been an absolute delight to use. I've had this wallet for over 3 months now, and it still feels like I recently purchased it. The six credit card slots don't feel too tight to use, and are the perfect shape and size for my cards. I also love this colour, it is so different and adds up to the beauty of the product!
    Kavita Khanna
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 07 , 2018
    Hey Urby
    I got this product for my sister recently and she absolutely loves how amazing this product looks. It is an amazing wallet, and this colour especially is her favourite. Convenient, stylish, and practical. it is everything she was looking for.
    Shikha Shah
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 03 , 2018
    Claire is such a nice wallet. I really like it.
    Claire is such a stunningly stylish product. I really like the top gusseted pocket with snap button closure. Very convenient for a wallet like Claire. I really like the colour of this product and especially love the foldover front. Very well designer.
    Jinal Hastikar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 27 , 2018
    The top gusetted pocket with snap button closure is amazing
    This product is perfect for me. Just the kind of wallet I was looking for. I absolutely love the top gusetted pocket with snap button closure. It is the best.
    Shreya Naik
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 24 , 2018
    The colour is so good
    I love the colour on this product, despite it being a little on the bulky side for me, this colour truly makes the wallet look good. The card slots are easy access too which makes storing my cards a lot easier. I'm thinking of getting another product from Urby again. Nice.
    Ankita Verma
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 21 , 2018
    Lovely product.
    Claire is a truly unique and amazing wallet. I love the the foldover front with snap button closure on this product because it keeps it nice and compact. I really like this colour, very unique, chic, and luxurious.
    Janvi Shankar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 17 , 2018
    Have had this Claire wallet for a couple of months now.
    I got this wallet for myself a couple of months back, and I wanted to write in to say that this product is definitely amazing. The colour hasn't changed and the leather has only gotten better. The wallet is amazing and I'm really glad I got it.
    Mahesh Jain
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 14 , 2018
    Purchased a present for Raksha Bandhan
    Recently purchased this product for my sister since she has been asking for one for a while now. It arrived so quickly and I was really happy with how quick the product arrived. This is her favourite colour and she will flip when she sees her wallet bears her name. I can't wait to give it to her on Raksha Bandhan, but all I can say is this wallet looks and feels amazing!
    Riddhima Sehgal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 10 , 2018
    Why only one main interior card slot?
    Claire makes an amazing wallet for me, I absolutely love the colour on this and the material looks amazing. I only wish there was another interior currency pocket. That would have made this wallet complete for me. But otherwise it is a good product.
    Sharmila Hande
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 07 , 2018
    Extremely functional
    I would always want my wallet to be extremely functional, and often times I've never found the exact thing I was looking for. But Claire was the right choice for me, with everything that I need. An interior currency pocket, six credit card slots, and a change guesseted pocket as well. What else could I want?
    Urmila Sahai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 02 , 2018
    Such a convenient, and stylish wallet.
    I really like this Claire wallet. It is very nice, the colour is also very nice.
    Ishita Yamini
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 30 , 2018
    This is the best wallet I've come across.
    My old wallet had seen better days, but I knew it was time for a brand new one. I had looked everywhere by this point, and couldn't find anything even close to what I was looking for. That was until I came across Claire. This wallet happened to be the closest to what I was looking for, and my favourite feature about this is that the top gusseted pocket with a snap button closure comes with this. The snap button loop closure is really nice this way the product doesn't get damaged, and the loop doesn't break off. Really nice.
    Mayuri Mane
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 22 , 2018
    So practical and easy to use
    Claire looked so different and unique I was mesmerised by the pictures and purchased one in this colour. But when it arrived, I was even more esctatic because it looked a lot better in person. The six credit card slots are amazing and very easily accessible as well. A problem I had with a previous wallet was that when it was full, my cards never went in. But this wallet is really easy to use. Love it.
    Yuvika Joshi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 17 , 2018
    I love it, but I want another currency slot.
    I got this Claire wallet a while ago and have been using it for a couple of months now, It is extremely comfortable, and the leather is quite soft yet durable. I especially love the colour on this product and would have loved if we had another currency pocket on here.
    Sharad Gokhale
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 12 , 2018
    My wife loves her new wallet
    I purchase this Claire wallet for my wife and she absolutely loved it. From the colour to to how the leather feels! Wow
    Kripa Vatsalya
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 07 , 2018
    Thank you Team Urby, you guys are amazing!!
    Feels so good that you made the specified product available. Really appreciate it! Great Customer Care!!!
    Rashi Thakur
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 03 , 2018
    I enjoy using this product
    Honestly speaking this wallet is a really different style compared to what I'm used to, and I wasn't really sure if it was the wanted I wanted. But when it arrived, I changed my mind, the wallet is extremely spacious, easy to carry, and i really love this colour. Really nice product.
    Neha Nagwekar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 30 , 2018
    I wish another interior currency pocket was included
    Claire is an amazing trifold wallet for women. I only wish there was an extra interior currency pocket. The one doesn't seem enough!
    Riya Sinha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 25 , 2018
    Sisters birthday gift
    I surprised my sister with this Claire wallet since she wanted to get it since she saw. But I got it for her just in time for her birthday and she was so happy!
    Abhilasha Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 20 , 2018
    Claire is such an amazing wallet, I definitely would recommend this
    The only reason I even got Claire in the first place is because of the top gusseted pocket with snap button closure, and how good the leather and colour looked. But as soon as it arrived I was actually impressed by the product as a whole, and really enjoy taking Claire with me everywhere I go.
    Mrudula Nair
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 16 , 2018
    It would be great to have another currency pocket
    I purchased this amazing wallet as a birthday gift for my younger sister, and the both of us loved it so much, I got one for myself too. The colour is stunning, the leather is amazing but I really wished it had another currency pocket. Amazing wallet though
    Ashwini Bapat
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 12 , 2018
    Top gusseted pocket with snap button closure is my favourite feature
    The colour on this wallet is amazing but my most favourite feature about claire is the top gusseted pocket with a snap button closure. Very conveniently placed, I store my coins and keys in this. And because of the placement, its far more accessible to me. Really really love this wallet
    Swarada Berde
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 09 , 2018
    The colour is my absolute favourite, and the leather brings that out.
    I absolutely love the colour on this wallet and the leather is so so soft. I won't lie I initially only picked this up because of the colour, but now I've actually gotten used to this wallet and its amazing.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 04 , 2018
    Love the gusseted pocket, a very convenient wallet
    Claire is a really adorable trifold wallet, and I especially love the gusseted pocket with the snap button closure. it's really convenient and fits into my bag with ease.
    Fatima Q
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 01 , 2018
    Two interior currency pockets would be great
    Claire trifold wallet is a treat, but I was really hoping for two interior currency pockets instead of just one. the rest of it is pretty good
    Archana Palav
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 26 , 2018
    The gusseted pocket is my favourite
    I had always wanted a trifold, but never really found one good enough to get. That is until I came across Claire. This wallet is so colourful and has everything I've been looking for. I especially love the top gusseted pocket with a snap button closure. Gives me enough space to keep all my cash, card. And I can carry it around comfortably.
    Manjari Roy
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 20 , 2018
    Extremely surprised with how good the wallet looks in person. If I thought the picture was great then boy was I surprised. The leather is extremely soft and it's so convenient.
    Rashi Gupta
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 14 , 2018
    I didn't expect seeing a wallet like Claire in the women's section. Extremely spacious with a number of clots and pockets, this wallet is exactly what I needed. I especially love the top gusseted pocket with snap button closure.
    Sakshi Kapoor
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 07 , 2018
    Love it
    I love Claire, such a pretty wallet with stunning colour. I love the top gusseted pocket with snap closure and the card slots are so easy to use too.
    Ramya Chauhan
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 03 , 2018
    Amazing Craftsmanship
    This wallet has been designed so well with one main currency pocket and six credit card slots, the foldover front with snap button loop closure makes this wallet look so regal. I absolutely love it
    Tina Kapoor
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 29 , 2018
    I didn't know what a trifold was before I came across Claire. The leather is amazing and I absolutely love how this colour looks! Amazing
    Sanyukta Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 17 , 2018
    While on the lookout for a nice, durable wallet, I happened to come across Claire and it seemed like the rose gold was calling to me! I absolutely love the top gussetted pocket with snap button closure, I use it store my stray coins or keys! Definitely the wallet for me!
    Kimberly Dsouza
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 14 , 2018
    Golden Girl!
    A practical wallet that's conveniently stylish! I'm absolutely in love with Claire. And on a night out, Claire adds just the right amount of bling to an outfit. It's perfect!
    Ashwati Iyer
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 12 , 2018
    Great job Urby
    Who likes carrying their bags around? Definitely not me. I always had to lug a giant bag around even if I was going to just around the corner, which turned out to be unneccesary and inconvenient. I didn't want a clutch either because I wanted something I could stuff in my pocket and walk around carefree. During my search, I stumbled upon Urby and was blown away by their collection. Claire was the one for me with her main interior currency pocket, credit card slots and lot more! So glad I found you guys!
    Sagarika Kulkarni
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 06 , 2018
    Feels like winter!
    I can't get over how amazing the colour looks! It's gorgeous and reminds me of winter! Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, Claire is also conveniently efficient. It holds all of my essentials with ease and I still have space left for more! Absolutely in love with Claire!
    Harshita Chaturvedi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 03 , 2018
    I love the look and feel of the wallet and think it's great! Love the colour and definitely will be coming back for more.
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