Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Earl Grey

Charlie |  Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet

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Colour: Earl Grey
Rs. 945

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About Charlie
About Charlie

Charlie is one of our most loved money clip card wallets. Its thoughtful design features sections for credit cards, documents, receipts along with a magnet money clip on the back. It is as slim as we could make it so that you can get the maximum comfort in everyday usage. Doubles flawlessly as a front pocket wallet.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customers who purchased this product shared the below feedback on quality, craftsmanship and style. If you make a purchase, We'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures. Email us at with your order number and awesome feedback.
40 reviews.   Average rating 4.78/5 Urby calculates the product review ratings using a artificial intelligence algorithm instead of a raw data average. This algorithm takes into account factors including but not limited to: the age of review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified buyers.
    Tanishq Awhad
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 20 , 2018
    I like this Charlie card case
    I'm really happy with this product, the leather is good and the multi-card side pocket is amazing. I love that they are easy access and I have zero issues putting and removing my cards from this Charlie card case.
    Ishaan Thorat
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 16 , 2018
    My brother loves his new wallet
    I recently gifted this to my brother, he's always wanted a money clip, so I decided to give him something different. The multiple pocket slots on Charlie are so convenient, along with the bill pocket, and a strong magnet cash clip. He's definitely enjoying this product.
    Akash Khatter
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 12 , 2018
    It's my favourite product
    I've been an Urby customer for a year now, and I have to say that Charlie is my favourite product. It has everything you'd expect in a wallet minus the size and the bulk. Especially the strong magnet cash clip, its so durable and long lasting. I love it
    Vijay Shetty
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 09 , 2018
    Charlie is amazing
    A money clip does offer card space, but Charlie really takes it up a notch. The multi-card side pocket can be full and I'd still be able to pull my cards out with ease. Another positive is that it also featurs a strong magnet cash clip and a discreet bill pocket, allowing me to store enough cash and not have it get any bulky.
    Rajneesh Awasti
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 07 , 2018
    I like everything about this card case
    I can't just pick one certain feature from Charlie. I like everything about the product. But Charlie is an amazing wallet and I like how theres multiple card slots and and a money clip on here giving me the benefit of two products in one.
    Arvind Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 05 , 2018
    Love the multi-card side pocket
    I've always preferred cards over cash and when I came across Charlie, I knew I needed to get it. The multi-card side is so nice! I also like the fact that this has a money clip, but that is seldom used. Amazing stuff urby.
    Sachin Goswami
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 02 , 2018
    My new favourite money clip
    Charlie is the best money clip wallet I've had so far, the strong magnet cash clip stays extremely strong even after being used for a very long time. The leather on this wallet is amazing and despite everyday use, it hasn't been damazed. This is my new favourite money clip.
    Arup Kulkarni
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 30 , 2018
    The multiple card slots are my favourite.
    The multiple card slots are extremely useful and despite this providing a bill pocket, I end up storing a few of my cards in there. and it still doesn't feel as full as it should. Really enjoy this card case.
    Radhika K
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 27 , 2018
    My brother's new favourite.
    My brother has always been someone who doesn't enjoy carrying much when he's out and about. So to help him get rid of the massive lump he calls a wallet, I decided to get him a smaller, more convenient wallet. Charlie is a card case but for him, it definitely works as a wallet. He's actually filled up some of the card slots with case since he doesn't have as many cards to fill it up with. But he absolutely loves his new wallet, its perfect
    Kamlesh Tiwari
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 24 , 2018
    Love the multiple card slots.
    I enjoy carrying my cards, if I could travel completely cashless i would. But the wallet I initially had wasn't of any help, while looking I came across some options from high-end luxury brands but none of it intrigued me. Urby on the other hand, had me from the get go. And Charlie was just what I wanted. The multiple card slots are my absolute favourite, I'm definitely going to keep coming back to you guys,
    Riyansh Sharma
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 18 , 2018
    Love how easy it is to slip my cards in.
    It's very refreshing to see a card case with so many pockets. Not too overwhelming, and the easy access card slots are a dream. Never have my cards slid into my wallet with so much ease.
    Arun J
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 15 , 2018
    Multiple card slots are great
    I love this card so much, the multiple card slots being my favourite because I can store receipts and stuff in it. So simplistic it is, my favourite
    Robin Malhotra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 12 , 2018
    Money clip+card case. I couldn't have been happier!
    Charlie is a card holder+money clip and I'm in love with that. I get to store my cards and cash in a minimalist way and still carry a 'full wallet' around in my pockets with ease!
    Adhiraj Kapoor
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 07 , 2018
    Lovely product
    Charlie has a discreet bill pocket along with two slip-in cards and many more slots. I actually feel like I can fit my whole wallet in there. I was intrigued once I found out what a money clip was and then decided to test it out and see if I'd like it. And apart from the obvious difference in the size, I haven't had to compromise on space at all! Great job!
    Jyot Iyer
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 04 , 2018
    This is such a refreshing product, with multiple slots and a bill pocket, I know I wouldn't have to compromise on any wallet space. Since I don't use every card slot, I'm definitely storing my cash in those as well.
    Rajesh Malhotra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 01 , 2018
    Charlie is such a cool money clip, with multiple card slots and a bill pocket, I get to carry most of my wallet with minimal space. Easy to store and doesn't take too much of space in my pocket.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 27 , 2018
    I love it
    Such a cool, minimalist money clip this is. Along with a discreet bill pocket, this also features a multi-card side pocket, two slip-in card slots, and a strong magnet cash clip.
    Tanvesh Bhandary
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 25 , 2018
    Amazing moneyclip
    This magnetic money clip has a stunning minimalist design, this is the best money clip if you want to carry your cards and money in a simple way.
    Atharva S
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 20 , 2018
    Charlie is a very nice money clip. there's clip but also another pocket for money and so many slots for cards. Its perfect for me.
    Karan Talwar
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 17 , 2018
    So nice to have
    I love the design of this wallet! It's minimalist but somwhow has everything in it. The leather is so soft and smooth and I have zero difficulties storing my cards. Definitely a must have
    Sarvesh Menon
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 14 , 2018
    Charlie money clip
    Chota sa wallet hai ye. card ke liye bhi pocket, aur paison ke liye bhi pocket. maine ispe mera naam bhi daala, accha lagta hai mujhe charlie money clip.
    Abhinav Shenoy
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 12 , 2018
    Perfect minimalist
    Minimalist, Sleek, Simple, but more importantly, Convenient. Charlie in other words, is perfect!
    Rajveer Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 10 , 2018
    Nice moneyclip
    Mujhe charlie moneyclip use karke bahot accha laga. Leather accha dikhta hai, and it fits my front pocket too. Mujhe Richard bhi accha laga, charlie ke baad hi khareeda tha.
    Akshay P
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 09 , 2018
    No space for coins
    With all the qualities of a card case, this money clip truly feels like a minimalist wallet. Only downside is I can't store my coins.
    Sanket N
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 03 , 2018
    Charlie is an all-rounder, has all the qualities of a card case and a money clip. Love it.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 27 , 2018
    Stores more than you think.
    The multi-card side pocket is my favourite, I've obviously tried storing more than one card in them and it works wonders.
    Tanuj Sinha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 25 , 2018
    He loves it
    I decided to buy my son his first ever wallet, but wanted to start with something smaller first. And Charlie seemed like the perfect choice. He absolutely loves it, and takes it along everywhere.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 21 , 2018
    So vibrant
    The money clip is so good, love the colour.
    Akshit Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 19 , 2018
    My new everyday wallet
    I dislike storing cash and cards in my pocket, especially when my regular wallet feels like too much. Charlie works as a great alternative, I store all of the stray cash, my cards and some change and I'm good to go. I loved using it so much it's not my everyday wallet.
    Nathan Dsa
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 15 , 2018
    Ages well
    Charlie is an extremely versatile money clip card wallet. I've had this money clip for quite some time now, and it still looks brand new! The leather is so soft and the magnet money clip is just as strong as it was when I bought it! Charlie has been my main wallet for a while now!
    Ritwik H
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 13 , 2018
    So many cards!
    I always wondered whether I could fit any more cards in the multi-card side pocket, so I tested it out and I could definitely fit two or more without damaging the slots as much. Definitely worth it.
    Akhilesh More
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 08 , 2018
    Love it!
    I never thought I'd be okay with using a money clip card wallet, but since I got Charlie I've changed my mind. I use the multiple slots to store my cards, bills and some stray coins, and it still manages to stay slim and stylish.
    Kiara Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 06 , 2018
    So soft
    The leather is gorgeous and really soft to the touch.
    Ninad D
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 03 , 2018
    Strong magnet
    I was a little sceptical about getting a magnetic money clip, wasn't too sure about how strong the magnet really was. But when I got it, I was amazed at how the wallet looked just like in the pictures, the wallet is nice and soft to the touch. The discreet bill pocket is great for when I want to store some 'extra' cash! The magnetic clip is just as promised, strong and definitely holds onto all of my cash. Love it!
    Shashank N
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 28 , 2018
    Love the card slots
    It's refreshing to see a multi-card side pocket on a money-clip alongside two slip-in card slots. It's so slim and convenient, I actually use this in place of my regular wallet.
    Mehul Saxena
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 23 , 2018
    More worthy than price!
    Quality is so good and I really found it quite functional over my wallet. I didn’t find the product expensive or something! In fact, it is more worthy than the offered price! I wouldn’t mind buying it for little more price as well.
    Namrit Punjabi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 20 , 2018
    Very elegant and to the mark
    A simple no-brainer! A very strong magnet clip for my money, more space to keep cards, and little space for unsolicited change of money. It's a damn cute money clip + card case + wallet with such elegant looks. Killer product!
    Abhimanyu Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 16 , 2018
    When I go to the gym, the movies, the store, etc I've wanted to have a smaller version of a wallet to carry the quick cash and cards. I hate carrying a full wallet or my cards and cash in my pocket, it's inconvenient and impractical. But Charlie changed everything. The interior makes the wallet look so posh. I love it.
    Meera Rai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 11 , 2018
    Paint the town red!
    I'm in awe of the colour. It's so bright and vibrant, makes carrying my cards look a lot more chic!
    Vikrant Ghokle
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 08 , 2018
    This is the most thoughtful wallet ever. The more I use it the more I realise that its every feature is so thoughtfully made. It is probably the best wallet I have ever used.
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