Jerry Bifold ID Wallet - Jet Black / Black
Jerry Bifold ID Wallet - Jet Black / Black
Jerry Bifold ID Wallet - Jet Black / Black
Jerry Bifold ID Wallet - Jet Black / Black
Jerry Bifold ID Wallet - Jet Black / Black

Jerry |  Bifold ID Wallet

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Colour: Jet Black / Black
Rs. 1,495
About Jerry
About Jerry

The classic Jerry wallet gracefully fits inside your back or front pocket. Handcrafted in sumptuous premium leather, it also includes an id pocket.

Add personalisation to make your Jerry truly unique.



Personalised for you
Personalised for you
To make your Jerry truly unique, personalise it with your initials, name or message in your choice of foil colour.


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customers who purchased this product shared the below feedback on quality, craftsmanship and style. If you make a purchase, We'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures. Email us at with your order number and awesome feedback.
112 reviews.   Average rating 4.71/5 Urby calculates the product review ratings using a artificial intelligence algorithm instead of a raw data average. This algorithm takes into account factors including but not limited to: the age of review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified buyers.
    Tanvi Sardesai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 20 , 2018
    Reallty nice product. My husband is impressed.
    I purchased this bifold wallet for my husband and he really liked it. Quality is nice, and the ID window is exactly what needed in his wallet. Very impressed.
    Karthik Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 17 , 2018
    I wish it had another slot.
    My only complaint about this product is that it doesn't have another slot for cash. Jerry is an amazing bifold wallet, but the fact that I can't store my bigger notes seperate takes away from the beauty of this product a little. All in all it is a great product, just wish the slot was added.
    Ravi Malhotra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 15 , 2018
    Such a simple, yet stylish product.
    Jerry is a really practical, and comfortable wallet for me. I genuinely enjoy using a bifold due to its simplicity and convenience. But bifolds don't always mean a good thing. I overstuffed mine to the point where it just lost its shape and now was a mere resemblance of what it used to look like. When I came across Jerry, it drew me in only because I wasn't too sure about whether I'd seen anything as simplistic yet stylish at all. The leather is so nice and soft yet extremely durable. The colours really play a part in this one too.
    Sheetal Mishtra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 11 , 2018
    Dad loves his new wallet so much. I ended up buying myself one after buying this.
    I don't usually write reviews but I was mighty impressed with this little one so I just had to. I'd purchased this Jerry bifold for my father's birthday last month. He'd been using an almost non-existent bifold at this point. While Jerry isn't usually the kind of product he would go for, he did enjoy using this product. The colour is unique, the card slots aren't too tight, and the ID slot allows him to store his ID. Papa is extremely happy about seeing his name on there. And I'm so impressed with this, I decided to purchase a wallet for myself from here. Great stuff, Urby.
    Shantanu Das
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 10 , 2018
    Jerry is exactly what I was looking for.
    I've always wanted a bifold wallet with an ID window, without looking like a big lump of plastic stuck onto leather. Jerry is extremely stylish and convenient, and despite being a bifold doesn't feel like it. The credit card slots are extremely easy to use as well since they're not too tight. Often times I've had to deal with extremely tight credit card slots, that aren't even the right size. So Jerry is definitely the right wallet for me.
    Sanjay Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 09 , 2018
    Really nice product.
    Such a nice product. I got it for my brother and I also got his name personalised on it. It was his homecoming gift and he really liked it. Very nice.
    Wasim Ulde
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 07 , 2018
    Been on Urby for so long. Finally got this product.
    I've been a loyal Urby customer for a year now. I'd recently even purchased Richard for my brother. But now it was time for me to get a new wallet and I knew just the one I wanted. Jerry has been on my radar for a while now. And I just had to pick it up right now. I love the colour on this product and the leather does feel really good. Amazing product.
    Karan Thacker
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 04 , 2018
    If only this could've had another cash slot.
    I love this simple bifold but despite being really practical I don't like that it has only one cash slot. And an ID slot is something I don't use as much but won't mind having. Definitely hoped this had two slots instead of one though.
    Umesh Jadhav
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 02 , 2018
    Jerry for me is amazing.
    Jerry has been an incredibly amazing product for me these past couple of months. The leather still looks brand new, and I even got it personalised and it looks amazing. The ID slot is really helpful and I actually use it quite a lot. Kudos Urby.
    Ojas Gujare
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 30 , 2018
    I've always been using a bifold but Jerry is the best
    A bifold has been the only products I know when it came to wallets. I never really thought of going any further when it came to those. So when I stumbled upon Jerry I wanted to get it immediately. The wallet is sturdy, and the leather is smooth. It easily fits into my pocket which is great. The ID window is a great addition. It is where I have stuffed my business card just in case. The wallet looks very sleek, and stylish and I am extremely happy with it.
    Thomas Sequira
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 27 , 2018
    Felt like Christmas morning, in August.
    I really love how this product looks. The packaging is amazing. It really felt like christmas opening this up. Amazing work, Urby.
    Madhura Khot
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 23 , 2018
    Hey Urby Customer Hapiness Team!
    I'd recently purchased a Jerry wallet for my husband, comeplete with his name on it in gold. And I cannot tell you how happy that made him. He's been wanting to get a wallet like this for a while now, but never found one he liked. Jerry on the other hand, is perfect! Thank you so much Urby!
    Anuridhha S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 20 , 2018
    I wish it had another currency slot
    Jerry is like the perfect leather bifold wallet. The ID slot works well for me because I get to store my work ID in there and show it around with ease. My only issue is that it doesn't have another slot for cash. Apart from that, I think the wallet looks great! The leather is absolutely gorgeous, and I love it.
    Shikha Tulaskar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 18 , 2018
    My brother's Rakhi gift
    My brother has been away for further studies for quite some time now, and this raksha bandhan I wanted to surprise him with a gift instead. He had been complaining about his favoruite wallet fading away. And because of how simple it is, Jerry seems like a really good choice. It also helps that it resembled my brother's old wallet. Found that they made it in his favorite colour and picked it up. I even got it personalised with his name, in a gold foil colour. Looks really nice.
    Yogesh Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 15 , 2018
    Very nice product.
    I love how good this wallet looks, especially the how easy the three easy access card slots are. I can slide in and pull out my cards almost immediately unlike my previos wallet. The colour looks very nice and it is very practical for me. I even personalised with my name and it looks even better. Nice stuff, Urby.
    Udit Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 10 , 2018
    The perfect replacement for my previous bifold.
    I'd been looking for a nice bifold as a replacement for the one I already owned. But nothing I came across was what I wanted. Jerry might look like a simple wallet, but i just couldn't look away. This is my favourite colour, and the leather just looks and feels incredible. I also like the ID window in this little number. Very convenient for me since I do have to show my ID quite a lot. Lovely product, Urby.
    Virat Ahluwalia
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 06 , 2018
    Love the whole look of this, personalisation makes it a lot better
    I really like the whole look, and design of this product, it is amazing and just so stylish and sophisticated. To make it even better, I decided to get it personalised with my initials. Very special to look at my initials everytime I take my wallet out.
    Ashutosh Ghosh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 04 , 2018
    Jerry is the perfect wallet for me
    I've always had a bifold wallet, since I got my first. My previous wallet was slowly breaking down, so I decided to look for a new one. But I still didn't want to experiment. I couldn't decide between Paul and Jerry, but in the end Jerry was victorous. This wallet also bears my initials and it looks really really good. Great product, and great quality.
    Tanuj Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 02 , 2018
    Jerry is a really cool wallet.
    Jerry is a really simple, yet stylish product with all the features i've been looking for. Very easy to store, and despite being a bifold, doesn't feel that bulky on the pocket.
    Yuvraj Sahni
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 31 , 2018
    I like the wallet but no extra main slot for cash. Why
    I like the ID slot in this wallet, I like to store my cards in here, and having it in the ID window is not only nice, but also a good conversation starter. If only it had another cash slot, then it would've been perfect.
    Tony Dsouza
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 26 , 2018
    Very practical wallet for me
    This wallet is extremely easy to use and store. I genuinely like the three easy-access card slots because of how easy they it is to slide my cards in and take them out. This wallet also is extremely stylish and quite practical for someone like me.
    Utsav Sheikh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 18 , 2018
    They have an amazing range.
    I really like the wide range Urby has for all of its wallets, including bifolds where I found this Jerry bifold wallet. The three easy access card slots are amazing, and very easy to use. This is an extremely practical and stylish wallet.
    Sandhya Sahni
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 11 , 2018
    Lovely wallet. So stylish
    This wallet is a beautiful and stylish wallet with multiple slots for cards, and cash. The ID slot on this is absolutely amazing, and despite being a bifold it is quite different. I got it personalised and gifted it to my brother, and he absolutely loved it. This is his favourite colour, and I was so impressed by the quality, I decided to get myself a product from here too!
    Samuel Khanna
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 02 , 2018
    Wish there was another cash slot
    I really like the leather on this wallet. But if only there was another cash slot for me, I'd like this wallet better. It's still a great wallet though!
    Mayur Suryawanshi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 28 , 2018
    This is the right wallet for me!
    Jerry is just the right blend between a bifold and an ID wallet. With three card slots and an ID slot window I have enough space for my cards and cash. It's simple, elegant, and a twist on the classic.
    Dollar Kukreja
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 23 , 2018
    Papa loves his new wallet!
    I wanted to get my dad a nice simple wallet, but didn't want to stick to the typical colours he usually prefers like browns, and blacks. So while browsing I came across Jerry and realised that along with being practical and stylish, Jerry was also available in different variations of colours which is exactly what I wanted. So I didn't waste anymore time and decided to get this one for him. It obviously took him a while to get used to the different colour, but since it was a bifold, he kept at it. He absolutely loves it now!
    Sanjay Jadhav
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 21 , 2018
    A smallet, more minimalist wallet!
    Charlie is an amazing card holder! But i'm amazed with how this is a card holder along with a strong magnet money clip. i always store my cash in the discreet bill pocket a lot more than the money clip, but when i do use the money clip, it really feels like I have a smaller, lighter wallet in my pocket, amazing!
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 17 , 2018
    This wallet looks and feels amazing. I really like the card slots.
    I actually love the whole look of Jerry, the leather feels amazing, and the three easy access card slots are a dream. On numerous occasions I've struggled with getting my cards out because either the slots are too tight, or the wallet was too full. With Jerry, its like none of those issues exist!
    Satish Hatiskar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 14 , 2018
    Like the wallet, is efficient and stylish
    Jerry is an extremely stylish wallet. It's sleek, durable, and does the job. Plain and simple
    Shaan Chatterjee
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 09 , 2018
    I love this colour, if only there was another bill slot
    I absolutely love the colour of this wallet, and the leather only makes it look a lot better. Once it arrived, I actually couldn't believe how soft yet sturdy the leather was. My only complaint is the lack of a second slot for cash. Otherwise the wallet is perfection for me!
    Riyansh M
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 05 , 2018
    I love the ID window, but I want another slot for cash
    This wallet is great and I love the leather, but the one thing that has caught my eye is the ID slot with a see-through window. My profession requires me to have my ID on the ready whenever I'm in, so Jerry is my little helper making sure it really is ready. It would be great if there was another slot for cash and documents though, that would be really nice.
    Debankur Sarkar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 02 , 2018
    Great for cards
    Keeping cards in my wallet has always been a struggle, not that I have too many, but card slots have always been uncomfortably tight. So when I came across Jerry, I only got it because it was a classic bifold. But to my surprise when I started using it, the cards slid in and came out with so much ease I almost screamt in joy. This wallet is definitely a plus for me, stylish, durable and very very convenient.
    Aditya K
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 29 , 2018
    Really stylish
    When it comes to comes to comfortable wallets, Jerry should definitely be the first choice. Along with being comfortable, it also is a really stylish, classy wallet. Lovely product
    Rajesh Mehra
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 25 , 2018
    Extremely comfortable
    Along with being a stylish wallet with ID window, Jerry is also a very comfortable wallet to have. Along with a main slot for cash and three easy-access card slots, this also has two multiple cards slide-in slots as well. Spacious, and pocket-friendly.
    Jaspreet D
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 22 , 2018
    Very good
    Jerry wallet is very nice, leather is nice and soft and the card slot is very good. Enough pockets for me to carry all my things in.
    Abhinav Sinha
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 19 , 2018
    So pocket friendly
    This makes a very comfortable pocket wallet. Since I read that sitting on a bulky bifold could hurt my back in the long run, i decided to get a slimmer wallet. But Jerry definitely seems like the better option. Because it's a pocket friendly wallet, I can avoid awakward bulges and unnecessary bulk
    Ramesh S
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 17 , 2018
    Need this wallet
    I love the id slot window, comes very handy for me. Simple wallet but definitely worth it!
    Kevin Dsouza
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 14 , 2018
    Love it
    Jerry bifold is a stunning bifold ID wallet. it's spacious, carries all my essentials and even bears my name. Perfection.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 12 , 2018
    Bhai ka wallet
    Bhai ka wallet purana ho gaya tha, lekin unhe naya wallet nahi chahiye tha. Toh mujhe laga main unke liye ek naya wallet loongi, aur Urby pe aakar Jerry dikha. Wallet ko unke naam ke saath personalise bhi kiya.
    Riya Ghosh
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 09 , 2018
    He loved it.
    My best friend started at her new job a couple of days ago. I decided that he deserves to be pampered. Toh started looking for wallets aur Jerry dikha. I got it personalised with a message saying congratulations. When he recieved it, he immediately called me up and I could hear how excited he was. Definitely worth it.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 04 , 2018
    Nice wallet
    The three easy acess card slots are so nice to use. This wallet has ID window. I like it.
    Rajat M
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 28 , 2018
    I want another main slot
    The leather is amazing, really love how it looks and feels. If only it had two main slots for cash.
    Akash Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 25 , 2018
    The Perfect wallet
    Jerry is the perfect bifold wallet. It has everything from the ID window to the multiple card slots. Definitely a treat to use. Absolutely love it!
    Sandeep S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 20 , 2018
    Love this wallet
    I've been using this wallet for a while and it still looks new, maybe a little worn out. The leather is still as amazing and hasn't aged one bit. Definitely going to use this one for years to come.
    Siddhesh Bongale
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 16 , 2018
    My wallet after one year .....
    I have been using this wallet for almost a year and when I was contacted by the urby team for a review, I felt like writing one, because it truly deserves it. Just for a background, this is the only wallet that I carry and have been using it continuously for the last one year. They are no damages what so ever on the outside. The only thing that has changed is the beautiful texture that the leather has developed. I can say that leather is ageing well and is getting beautiful like an old wine. The only thing that has expanded is one of the card slots, but I guess that's my mistake. I have been putting 4 cards in the top card slot and the leather has expanded from there. Now, what I have learnt is leather expands but never comes back to original shape ( just like your shoe). Apart of that, stitching is intact and the ID slot plastic is also doing good and hasn't cracked even a bit. Overall I am very happy with this wallet and from the looks of it, I think it is going to give me company for a long long time. If you are looking for a good quality wallet, look no further, choose a style that matches your personality and go for it.
    Harshvardhan Chavan
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 12 , 2018
    Great if you keep little bit of cash and handful of cards
    The wallet is slim and perfect if you like a little bit of cash. I dont keep more than 10 notes at any given point of time and thus my wallet stays slim and is perfect for front pocket wallet.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 07 , 2018
    Awesome wallet
    The wallet is very stylish. The personalisation is a big plus. Feels nice to remove a wallet with your name on it. Priceless.
    Aniket Gadre
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 03 , 2018
    Five stars
    Very good.
    Toran Sehgal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 01 , 2018
    This is an excellent wallet at an amazing value
    Very very good wallet at such an amazing value.
    Jeeshan Grover
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 28 , 2018
    I am enjoying the wallet
    Have been using it from the day I received it. No complaints. Good wallet.
    Romil Jaggi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 24 , 2018
    Very good ID wallet
    Liked the design. Bought it specially for the ID slot. Loved it how it is slim and has just the enough cards facility
    Livas Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 21 , 2018
    A big high five from me
    This wallet will get a big 5 from me. If there was an option, I will give it a six.
    Anshul S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 19 , 2018
    Four stars now. One later.
    Looks like a great wallet. I gave four stars, because I first want to use it for a few years before giving it the extra star. But to be honest, it certainly deserves a 5 from first impression.
    Sultan Ali Bohra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 14 , 2018
    Very well made
    I have been carrying this wallet for almost six weeks now and absolutely love it. Very nice wallet. Personalisation is awesome.
    Shubham Narayan
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 10 , 2018
    Everything you want in a wallet
    I am happy with the wallet, it has everything that I wanted. No unwanted features. And the leather is really nice. Should last long.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 08 , 2018
    The wallet is so stylish. I like it.
    Nikhil Mohite
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 05 , 2018
    Very good making
    The wallet has got a very good making and the card pokets are perfect size, not too loose not too tight.
    Ashish Sawlani
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 02 , 2018
    Beter than what was expected
    It was love at first sight. The feeling of the leather was superb. I think I got a real nice value. Very very good quality wallet.
    Prasanna Murali
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 26 , 2018
    Solid quality wallet
    Making feels nice. Should last long. Very good leather quality too.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 23 , 2018
    Very nice
    Very beautiful and useful
    Kapil Vatsa
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 22 , 2018
    Slim and elegant
    Perfect size for me. Liked how slim it is.
    Fardeen Abbasi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 20 , 2018
    Just right
    Exactly what I was looking for. Slim but still able to hold everything that I want.
    Suhas Jacob
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 17 , 2018
    Durable and slim wallet
    Am happy with my wallet
    Vishnu Karwar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 14 , 2018
    Thumbs up!!
    Simple yet classic design, something magical about it.
    Guru Desai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 11 , 2018
    Awesome wallet
    Really really fantastic wallet
    Narendra Bansal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 08 , 2018
    Exactly what i wanted
    Harish Rana
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 04 , 2018
    Perfect for my needs
    Like the minimalist part. Doesn't have extra card slots, which you end up filling with expired and hardly used cards. I learnt it from my friends that its better to carry just the things that you need rather than a bulky wallet. I am able to use mine as a front pocket wallet.
    Neil P
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 01 , 2018
    Good wallet
    Good wallet. No complaints. Thanks for the fast service.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 31 , 2018
    Worth every rupee
    Hadn't expected the quality to be so good, given the price point. Worth a lot lot more. Very very happy with the purchase.
    Ronit Shetty
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 26 , 2018
    Good looking wallet
    Looks good. ID pocket is very useful.
    Pavitra H
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 22 , 2018
    Great gift wallet
    My boyfriend was so happy with the wallet. Love seeing him use it daily.
    Pritish Parab
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 20 , 2018
    Super quality grip
    I like the design of the wallet. Also the leather has a very good feel and gave a good grip. Am happy.
    Harpreet Singh Shikhawat
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 17 , 2018
    Good slim wallet
    I liked the slimness of this wallet. Use it in my front pocket.
    Onkar Raut
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 14 , 2018
    Quality product at great value
    Best product if you want to pay not much for premium product. Urby is providing a quality products at good value.
    Yash P
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 11 , 2018
    Wish it allowed more cards
    I so love this wallet, but need to carry a lot more cards. Wish it could accommodate more than 3 cards. So much love the size. I am using it daily by putting 2 cards in one slot. Overall a very nice wallet. Good leather too.
    Karishma Bhat
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 08 , 2018
    Five stars
    Great item as a gift. Personalisation was very good too.
    Nirav Natrajan
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 06 , 2018
    Great leather texture
    I bought the wallet in blue leather and love its texture. Color is really good and there are no issues with the wallet. I will definitely recommend it.
    Puja S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 02 , 2018
    Slim like what I wanted
    This is a size zero wallet. Abosultely peeeeerfeect. Five out of five.
    Pratap Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 30 , 2017
    Fast delivery
    Got it within 24 hours. Am happy with the quality. Great value.
    Partho Roy
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 27 , 2017
    Achcha hain
    Mujhe wallet bahut achcha laga. Leather bhi bahut acchha hain.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 23 , 2017
    Exactly what I needed
    A wallet I so desperately needed. And at this price point, in these choice of nice leather color options, I have hit the jackpot.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 20 , 2017
    No bulk wallet
    Keeps your pocket slim
    Alfred Reddy
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 16 , 2017
    Very comfortable to use
    The size is perfect and it is really comfortable to use. My old wallet became bulky and it actually started affecting my walk. But with this wallet, even a little tighter chinos also looks so good.
    Raghu Handigol
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 12 , 2017
    Replaced the last wallet the moment I received this one
    Looks so so good. I immediated replaced the old wallet with this one. Really good looking and looks to be of good quality leather and craftsmanship. Will recommend personalisation too. It adds so much of value.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 10 , 2017
    Very good wallet
    Colour and leather is great
    Akshay S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 06 , 2017
    Four stars
    Four stars. Good wallet Will recommend.
    Rakesh More
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 01 , 2017
    Great quality, buying it second time
    I bought this wallet for myself and am buying it as a gift for brother in law. Really nice quality. I got mine personalised. Will recommend.
    Nitish Furia
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 29 , 2017
    Looks like it will last for couple of years. Very happy
    A very good quality leather. Sturdy making. Looks like I am set for a long time.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 24 , 2017
    Very well made
    Surely will last for a long time. Good product.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 20 , 2017
    Great wallet
    Great wallet
    Deepak Chinappa
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 17 , 2017
    Its pretty good
    The leather is really nice color. Using it daily. Very satistfied with it.
    Richa C
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 13 , 2017
    Perfect ID wallet
    Love it. I absolutely dont care its a mens wallet. The wallet is so so prefect for a girl to carry just the essentials.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 11 , 2017
    Great gift for husband
    Finally I replaced his boring wallet
    Ashok Row
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 07 , 2017
    Five stars
    In love with my wallet
    Ripul T
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 06 , 2017
    Too slim
    I like to keep a lot of things in my wallet like 10-12 cards, receipts, keys etc. This wallet is slim for me. A good wallet but doesn't fit my lifestyle.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 03 , 2017
    Great item
    Specially for the price, just go for it. tough to find such a good quality product at this price points.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 31 , 2017
    Gift for my father
    He really liked it.
    Taran Sinha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 27 , 2017
    Love it
    Sleek minimalist, light weight , great leather and very very good quality construction.
    Jitendra Ghosh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 25 , 2017
    Excellent quality wallet
    Perfect size. Very nice leather. Personalisation is icing on the cake.
    Priyanka P
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 21 , 2017
    Great gift
    A perfect gift
    Harsh Kulkarni
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 17 , 2017
    Here's another one
    I researched a lot before I made my purchase and read a lot of good things about this wallet and today I am writing another positive thing. Its an amazing wallet. Super good leather, minimalist design and super useful ID slot. Just go for it.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 13 , 2017
    Love it
    Soumitra Ray
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 08 , 2017
    Great minimalist wallet
    This is a great minimalist ID wallet. Leather quality is great and the construction is really really nice.
    Mohnish Gaurav
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 06 , 2017
    Great slim ID wallet
    The best wallet I ever owned
    Shaufik Alfaz
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 01 , 2017
    Simple and slim
    I was looking for something exactly like jerry wallet. A simple wallet with basic compartments. I like the addition of id window too. Good leather and service. Keep it up team.
    Aman Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 24 , 2017
    Good Service
    The wallet is great, with so much to offer, how could I ever complain?
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 20 , 2017
    Worth every rupee
    Hadn't expected the quality to be so good, given the price point. Worth a lot lot more. Very very happy with the purchase.
    Mayank Brar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 18 , 2017
    Awesome wallet
    The wallet is very stylish. The personalisation is a big plus. Feels nice to remove a wallet with your name on it. Priceless.
    Pavitra Raghuram
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 12 , 2017
    Makes a great gift
    I decided to gift my boyfriend a nice, durable wallet for his birthday. Urby was definitely the right choice! He loves it and has been using it for a while now.
    Abhay Joshi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 08 , 2017
    A year later!
    I have been using this wallet for almost a year and when I was contacted by the urby team for a review, I felt like writing one, because it truly deserves it. Just for a background, this is the only wallet that I carry and have been using it continuously for the last one year. They are no damages what so ever on the outside. The only thing that has changed is the beautiful texture that the leather has developed. I can say that leather is ageing well and is getting beautiful like an old wine. The only thing that has expanded is one of the card slots, but I guess that's my mistake. I have been putting 4 cards in the top card slot and the leather has expanded from there. Now, what I have learnt is leather expands but never comes back to original shape ( just like your shoe). Apart of that, stitching is intact and the ID slot plastic is also doing good and hasn't cracked even a bit. Overall I am very happy with this wallet and from the looks of it, I think it is going to give me company for a long long time. If you are looking for a good quality wallet, look no further, choose a style that matches your personality and go for it.
    Arvind Iyer
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 02 , 2000
    Nice wallet
    Very stylish and convenient, I like it,
    Rajat Jha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 02 , 2000
    Very nice wallet, really practical and convenient
    Jerry is a really nice product, quite similar to my previous bifold. All that's different in this one is the ID slot window. The card slots are very convenient and perfectly sized. I don't have as many cards though so I end up storing some quick cash in the slide in slots. I'm definitely going to shop from Urby now. The quality is exceptional.
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