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Jewellery Organiser Online In India

A jewellery organizer is a small container used to store your jewellery. They are made out of wood and come in different shapes and sizes. The bigger the amount of jewellery you want to store, the bigger your jewellery organiser would be!

Jewellery organiser origins

Jewelry organizers were known as caskets before because they resembled a treasure casket, only smaller. They would also have legs to hold them up rather than the flat bottom we’re used to now. People would decorate their jewellery boxes, but back when they were first used, only the rich had them. For most, owning jewellery was a privilege. Because they wouldn’t own any, a jewellery organiser made no sense. Jewellery organizers came in a variety of shapes and sizes, from massive ones to smaller ones. Around when jewellery became affordable to the everyone else, small cases called a trinkets case was introduced. These were mostly used by the poor to store whatever little jewellery they had. The rich used these to store their rings instead. Leather jewellery organisers were a staple back then, more so than now!

Why should I get a jewellery organiser?

A jewellery organiser is one of the best ways of staying organised. Imagine finding all your jewellery in one place without the need of turning the house upside down! Along with that it also allows you to keep your jewellery looking as good as new! With a leather jewellery organiser, having all your jewellery stored in one spot makes it easier for you to find the jewellery you need in a jiffy.

Find them at Urby

Along with keeping all your jewellery organised, it also acts as a way for you to show off your stuff. Where can you find a jewelry organizer you ask? Go check out Urby’s amazing collection of leather jewellery boxes, available in a variety of colours and styles! Pick one you love the most and show off your jewellery in style!

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