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A key holder is a pretty self explanatory term meaning a metal ring holding your keys. Everybody owns a keychain right now, the materials varying from leather, to plastic. A leather key ring is simply used to accumulate any amount of keys in one place. A key ring is something you would find on everyone, for house keys, car keys, cupboard keys, etc. Some people use key chain holders for things like their keys, but there are some who love collecting keychains. A leather key ring would make a great edition to a keychain collection.

Key Chains

Invented in the 19th Century by Alexander Parkes, these key rings have been a staple since. The double loop, a classic, is one of the most common type there is. Often times attached to a keychain, these key chain holders are used to hold keys and other accessories as well. Another form of key rings are a single loop with a flap to open and secure it. People could move most of these keychains so that the keys didn’t tangle up while using them, or if someone had a job where they had to hold on to a lot of keys.

Why do I need a leather keychain?

A keychain can technically hold a lot more than just keys, like photos, compasses, watches, etc. Why keep all of these things separately in your pockets or scattered around your house when you can simply use a key chain holder to bind them together. Why do I need a key ring holder to do that for me? Because keyrings are one of the items we take along everywhere, while on a trip, on a quick walk to the shop. Apart from being convenient, it is practical for you to carry along a key ring holder. Apart from being practical, having a durable leather keychain is always better. They stay looking new and you can use them for years to come!

Keyrings online

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