Why to buy a passport cover ?

Why to buy a passport cover ? A passport cover could be the most important accessory for your passport, one thing that you cannot travel without. Something as important as a passport needs to be protected well, because you cannot take any risk in keeping it just like that. Also when you travel overseas, you could also have a need to keep couple of cards, your tickets along with the passport. According to the travel gurus, a traveler should invest in a good quality passport cover and shouldn't keep those in their pockets, because there is a big risk of them falling out and also you do not want to look unorganized at the immigration counter. Additionally, as you are on a foreign soil, last thing that you would want to go through is a hassle of having to deal with lost cards or bent passport.

Where to buy passport cover ?

Given the convenience of online shopping in today's day and age, buying a passport cover could be something as simple as a click of a button. At Urby, we have a big team of design experts, who have worked on a great collection of travel accessories, that is loved & have been top rated by thousands of frequent travelers. The style from passport cover range from something as simple as a book cover design to hold just the passport to something that can store pretty much everything that you would like to carry while traveling, i.e. passport, ticket, boarding pass, luggage tag, cash, SIM card etc. If you have made up your mind to buy a leather passport holder, you absolutely cannot go wrong when you choose an excellent leather passport cover from Urby.

Make your personalized passport holder more stylish ?

There is something magical of having things embossed with your name. Not sure how that magic happens, but every time someone pulls out a personalized passport holder that has been customized with their name, heads turn and people look at you as being someone who gives in a lot of thought towards choosing an accessory for themselves. It says a lot about your style and one should definitely go for a personalized passport cover whenever they are planning to order one online.

What is the difference between a passport cover, travel wallet and a passport wallet ?

Even though they may mean the same to someone looking at it quickly, there is a big difference in the functionality of a passport cover and a passport wallet. Looking at it in detail, a passport cover is something that is made just to give your passport. Whereas a passport wallet is something that one buys to keep a few cards and folded boarding pass and ticket along with the passport. A travel wallet is a larger size version of a passport wallet, in which you can keep currency, other travel documents, multiple passports and a lot more. If you are looking for something that you can keep in pocket, a passport wallet is a perfect choice. Whereas if you are planning to carry a lot and are looking for something that is large and may be something that would keep in a bag, a travel wallet would be an ideal choice.

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