Leather Pencil Case Online In India

Pencil case or a pencil box is a container used to store pencils and other essentials like a pencil sharpener, rulers, erasers, other drawing essentials, etc. They are also known as pencil pouches. Why do we need a leather pencil pouch? Pencil pouches are used to make stationary a lot more retrievable. Made from different materials, these cases are very popular amongst children! Some cases are made from metal or wood, whereas some are made from leather, plastic or cloth!

When did they come into existence?

The first patent for a pencil case was granted to Verona Pearl Amoth in 1946. Pencil cases were initially created to keep pencil tips intact and to prevent it from tearing holes into shirts. The first to keep pencil cases were the rich, to preserve their expensive pens and pencils. Eventually the rest of the people started using them as well. The expensive pencil cases were made from metal to ensure nothing happened to their prized possessions. Some of these metal pencil cases still exist. Leather pencil pouches are softer and have a zipper to close it!

Get your own

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