Long Wallets for Men

Long Wallet for Men

The rising fashion trend of long wallets for men.

Given the increase in the number of things one may carry on a daily basis, a long wallet for guys is no longer an eye turner choice. The long wallets are really comfortable and have all the room to carry a lot more than your traditional leather wallet for guys. These long purses for men are very good as a jacket wallet and also good if you don't want to fold money while keeping in your wallet.

The magical power of men's tall leather wallets

Some of the tall leather wallets are sort of magical in itself. For example, if you choose a continental wallet, they are thoughtfully designed to double as a travel wallet. You can just slide in your passport into a men's large leather wallet and it, in an instant, doubles as a travel wallet. Additionally, some of the long wallets designed by Urby also have an option to store your phone. Thus you can use it as a single wallet to carry both your wallet essentials like money & cards and also your phone at the same time. Isn't it magical indeed?

How to choose a men's designer long wallet?

If you are looking for a tall wallet, then look no further. Urby has all the options that you will ever need or can think of. Right from a vertical wallet which is slightly taller than the traditional billfold to a perfect sized continental wallet which can be called as the perfect sized men's long wallet, we carry all the styles and designs.

Make a long wallet for men truly unique?

It is very classy to carry an accessory that has been specially personalised for you. A tall wallet is already classy in itself and combined with the thoughtful personalisation that can commission, it is going to make it truly unique and priceless. At Urby the personalisation option allows you choose not just the placement but also the color of the text that you can select to match the color of the leather and your taste.

Wallet for Men Buying Guide

Types of Mens Wallet - Mens Wallet come in several styles: Slim Wallet, Large Wallet, Billfold Wallet, Bifold Wallet, Trifold Wallet, Wallet with Coin Pocket, Wallet with ID Window, Wallet with Zipper, Wallet with Button, Vertical Wallet, Breast Wallet, Front Pocket Wallet, Coin Wallet, Long Wallet

Personalised Mens Wallet - To make your wallet truly special and unique, you can personalize it with your initials, name or message in your choice of foil color.

Colors - Get the mens wallet in the color of your choice. Urby offers wallets for men in Black Wallet, Brown Wallet, Red Wallet, White Wallet, Blue Wallet, Green Wallet, Pink Wallet, Purple Wallet, Gold Wallet, Tan Wallet, Grey Wallet and many more.

Minimalist Wallet - For those who believe in fewer the better and likes to carry just the bare essentials, Urby offers special minimalist wallets for men

Designer Wallet - If your taste is high on fashion and would love to make a statement with your wallets then check out Urby's collection of designer wallets for men and stylish wallets

Luxury Wallets - For men with finer taste and eye for top notch quality products Urby offers amazing collection of luxury wallets for men .

Size of Mens Wallet - Mens Wallet come in several sizes: Large Wallet, Small Wallet, Long Wallet, Slim Wallet. You can choose yours depending on your lifestyle.

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