Luggage Tags

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Luggage Tags Online In India

A baggage tag is an item used for identification in regards to who the bag belongs to! The luggage tag makes sure that in case you do lose your luggage, it comes right back to you! Luggage tags are known by various names like bag tag, travel tags, baggage tag and leather luggage tags.

Why should I use a travel tag?

Why shouldn’t you? A bag tag will save you the panic and stress when you lose your luggage. Airline tags have made it easier to find your luggage, but having your own travel tag is a lot more convenient.

What do I put on my luggage tag?

Depending on the amount of luggage you’re carrying, you would probably need a set number of bag tags. These tags can contain anything from your name and number to your email address and travel destination. Depending on how much you want to put up on there, if you’re slightly worried about putting your personal information on the tag then you can simply put a bag tag on the inside stating the personal details. Flight officials would look at this tag to identify the owner of the bags.

Where do I find leather luggage tags online?

Urby has a wide range of leather luggage tags in various colours and styles for you to choose from! You can take it a step further and personalize it with your name, initial or destination using Urby’s personalisation tool! Only then will it truly feel like your own!

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