If you prefer the convenience of a credit card and also like to carry a few crisp notes in your pocket, then money clip with card holder is for you. With an exception slim profile, money clips are a perfect choice for the modern men who prefers a minimalist approach to life.

A money clip is an excellent alternative to the traditional bulky, everyday wallet. It is perfect you want something that you can easily slip in your pocket and not create that bulge in trouser pocket, and at the same time be able to use in suit jacket when you go to work or to use with jeans when you are out on the weekends. Money clip with card holder is super slim and is super versatile.


It is rightly said that one should match his dressing to his career. While the power of power dressing in a good suit is well documented, the importance of having the right wallet to go with it is less often discussed. There has to be a reason, why these days, money clip with card holder is becoming the number one wallet choice for sharply dressed gentleman. If you come to think of it, how many times, have you been treated to the sight of an otherwise sharply dressed men with a bulky wallet in his back pocket disturbing the line of the trouser and killing the look of that otherwise perfect suit jacket.

The double-century-old traditional bi-fold wallet may have served you well in the past, but for the current digital Indian gentleman, money clip with card holder is a sort-of must have thing. One can look like a sharply dressed gentleman from a mile away, but a true first impression is the one you give with that powerful handshake. Believe us, a money clip with card holder is going to get you that great impression every time you are in the room.


It is not just our working space that is becoming flexible; the same is also true of the lifestyle of the working world. There is a thin boundary between working in office and working outside office. One has to be in meetings, events, luncheons, at golf clubs, at movie theaters ; you name it. The list is endless. Whatever the setting is, one thing that will be there with you is a money clip with card holder.

In recent years, the traditional wallet has adopted a far slimmer silhouette. Given the advancement in technology with the NFC and RFID and mobile wallets, all that one need to carry is just a few cards, his smartphone and a few bank notes for just in case scenarios. A money clip with card holder is a perfect solution for it. With it, you will be an inspiration for a minimalist lifestyle or rather should we say a successful lifestyle. If you are looking for a perfect slimmest wallet, look no further, money clip with card holder is the one.

Money Clip Buying Guide

A guide to help you choose the right money clip.

Personalised Money Clip - Make your money clip truly yours and unique by personalising it with your name or initials on it.

Money Clip Color Options - Get the money clip in the colour of your choice. You can choose from a variety of colors like Black Money Clip, Brown Money Clip, Red Money Clip and Gold Money Clip.

Types of Money Clips - Money clip comes in several types. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle : Magnetic Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Wallet Money Clip, Money Clip Card Holder, Front Pocket Wallet Money Clip

Stylish and neutral design - The leather money clips offered by India's premium online store Urby can be used as both Men's money clip as well as Women's money clip. It complements any style really well.

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