Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black
Morris Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case - Onyx Black

Morris |  Slim Magnetic Money Clip Card Case

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Colour: Onyx Black
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About Morris
About Morris

Morris is the slimmest full functionality money clip wallet for the modern gentleman. Thoughtfully designed to keep just two cards and few notes, it is a perfect must have for someone opting for a minimalist lifestyle accessory. Crafted from rich premium leather, it slips easily into the front pocket without adding any bulge to your trousers. Its slim design makes it flawlessly double as a jacket pocket wallet.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customers who purchased this product shared the below feedback on quality, craftsmanship and style. If you make a purchase, We'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures. Email us at with your order number and awesome feedback.
63 reviews.   Average rating 4.73/5 Urby calculates the product review ratings using a artificial intelligence algorithm instead of a raw data average. This algorithm takes into account factors including but not limited to: the age of review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified buyers.
    Kanan Mehra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 08 , 2018
    This product is everything I ever wanted.
    I had been looking for a really simple wallet for a really long time now, but couldn't really find it. So I decided to come check Urby out since I had purchased a product on here before. As always I was really impressed with the quality and I really liked that I could get my name personalised on there.
    Laxman Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 05 , 2018
    Love this product. Really convenient
    Morris is a really nice leather money clip. It is practical, slim, and easily fits inside my front pocket. I really like the colour of this product and the leather wrap and is incredibly strong.
    Sudha Joshi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Sep 02 , 2018
    Hey Urby!
    I had purchased this for my husband in this colour which happens to be his favourite. The leather looks amazing and he absolutely loves it.
    Jagjit Bumrah
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 28 , 2018
    The money clip is very nice
    Really nice money clip. Leather is nice, the colour is bright. I also like the card slots. It is not too tight and holds my cards fine. The money clip is really nice and strong too. It is really good product.
    Rushabh Ahluwalia
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 25 , 2018
    The best money clip I've ever owned so far.
    A money clip has always been my type of a wallet. I love carrying a minimum amount of items along, and didn't feel the need to carry a lot of cash. So when time came for a new wallet, it was going to be the usual, a money clip. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this product. It has been with me for a couple of months and i'm still not over how amazing this product is. I especially love how strong the magnetic money clip is. It holds all of my notes well and I never have to worry about a bulky pocket. It's amazing.
    Ojas Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 21 , 2018
    Such a convenient product i love it.
    Morris is such a nice, elegant, and extremely practical wallet. I love how amazing the leather wrapped magnetic money clip holds onto my notes with ease. It is very strong , and even after months of using it, it works.
    Karthik Mehra
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 18 , 2018
    Morris is an amazing product.
    I've always wanted to buy a money clip for myself, but wasn't really sure how if I'd be able to get used to the minimalist lifestyle. But because I don't need to carry too many cards, Morris worked well for me. The leather wrapped magnet is super strong and can hold 15 notes folded with ease. I especially like the colour of this product, it looks amazing.
    Satish Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 15 , 2018
    Not my style, but it is a well designed product.
    While this a really simple, and minimalist product, I just don't like it. I was initially intrigued by how amazing the product looks, but when time came to use it, I just couldn't cut down on what I needed. The magnet is really strong, and definitely can holds the notes tight. I also love the colours on this product. It's just not for me. I might get myself a Paul instead.
    Sanjay Awasti
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 12 , 2018
    Been looking for a money clip for a while, and now I have Morris
    Had been looking for a money clip for a while, but I didn't want to use one just as is. So when I found Morris, I was really glad I could store my cards in this too. It can hold 15 folded notes with ease, and I carry two of my most important cards along. Helps with priortizing what I actually need, which is pretty cool. Would definitely recommend this product to everybody.
    Harshad Joshi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 09 , 2018
    This product is amazing, I love it!
    Recently purchased this product because I wanted to try out a new style of wallet, Morris looked extremely promising so decided to try it out. The leather on this product is amazingly soft, and I really don't mind the two slip in card slots. The leather wrapped magnetic clip is so so strong. I initially thought my money would fall out, but this is really really strong.
    Yudi K
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 07 , 2018
    Love the whole design and look of this product.
    Morris is a really minimalist product, and I love that. I love the whole design and craftsmanship of this product, it is amazing!
    Taranjeet Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 03 , 2018
    It is an amazing product, I should've got it sooner!
    I never really liked money clips initially because it felt like I'd be carrying too little and it would be far more inconvenient for me. But recently, I decided to give it a shot and purchased this Morris money clip from Urby. The colour of this product is amazing, but the true star is the leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back. Despite this product having two slip-in card slots, I can actually store two in each.
    Imtiaz Sheikh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Aug 01 , 2018
    Great product, Urby
    The colours for this product look really nice, and I especially love how slim, and sleek these money clips are. The card slots are easy access as well, making this product my favourite go to. I genuinely enjoy using this product, it's great.
    Ramit Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 30 , 2018
    I love the magnet on thus product
    The best part about Morris is that it has a really strong magnet. I've had this one for a couple of months now and it still is just as strong as it was when I first got it.
    Ravi Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 29 , 2018
    I recommend this product to everyone I meet, I like it so much
    This product is really convenient for me, I initially carried a really bulky bifold wallet, but recently decided to make the switch to this compact money clip. It easily fits in my pocket, I can barely feel it. And I also love how strong and durable the magnetic money clip really is. Really cool product.
    Sambhav Pai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 27 , 2018
    Definitely worth the price.
    Money clips have always been my favourite types of wallets, but I never really wanted to try it until recently. Morris is such a sleek, and slim money clip and I especially like the leather wrapped magnetic money clip. This wallet is really efficient and practical since it fits quite well inside my pockets and doesn't really cause any unnecessary bulges. Very impressed with this little guy.
    Tushar Taneja
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 25 , 2018
    I like this product
    Really nice
    Pratham Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 22 , 2018
    Dad loves this money clip
    This money clip is extremely convenient, and I really like the strong magnet money clip. It's amazing and still works after so many years. I got this for my dad since he was looking for a change, and I knew he'd really like this product.
    Indraneil Das
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 20 , 2018
    I love how simple and elegant this is.
    I like this money clip because of how simple, elegant and practical this is. The leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back is incredibly strong and I actually love the colour of this leather. Makes it look so much better.
    Jignesh Shah
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 17 , 2018
    Love how convenient Morris is
    Morris is a very convenient product for me. I absolutely dislike carrying a large wallet because a) I don't really have too many cards, and b) I don't carry a lot of cash either. So all this wallet does is stay empty while still putting weight on my pockets. So when I came across Urby's amazing collection, I zeroed in on Morris. The strong magnet cash clip and two card slots is the perfect amount for me. And this is an absolute dream to use.
    Ruchika Sawant
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 13 , 2018
    Definitely reccommend this money clip, its amazing
    A money clip never really seemed like my style, but I wanted to try it out and who better than Morris. Simple, minimalist, and the perfect size for my pocket. I absolutely love and couldn't believe I hadn't got this any sooner.
    Vikrant Shah
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 09 , 2018
    Love the strong magnetic clip on the back!
    Morris is such a pleasant money clip to use. It easily fits into my pockets, even the jeans pockets which is amazing! And the strong leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back is actually the best. It's been months since I got this product, and the magnet is still going strong.
    Tahir Ali
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 06 , 2018
    The perfect minimalist wallet
    The two slip-in card slots along with the leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back make this the best minimalist wallet for me. It's simple, it's elegant, and it's easy to carry.
    Sachit Agrawal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 04 , 2018
    Love this money clip, I've always wanted one
    Having a money clip had always been something I'd wanted for a while now, but I never found the kind I'd like, until Morris came along. I actually enjoy how minimalist and straightforward this money clip is. The strong magnet money clip is amazing, and I even got my name on here. I can't tell you the joy I feel everytime I take this wallet out and see my name. Its amazing.
    Divya Gujjar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jul 01 , 2018
    Loved the design of the wallet, extemely convenient
    I like the simplistic look and design of this money clip. The leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back is a genius idea, and it can my whole wallet in there.
    Ketki Surve
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 29 , 2018
    Amazing craftsmanship, love it!
    My friend actually converted me into pro-money clip, before which I had no idea what it was. Morris is a wonderful money clip, I've always been a fan of this colour. The leather wrapped money clip on the back is my favorite feature because the magnet really does keep it all in place, and works well even after its been a couple of months. I didn't really think I'd enjoy the minimalist lifestyle but I do. Amazing product you guys
    Karanweer Ahuja
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 27 , 2018
    The leather is long lasting, and the magnetic money clip works wonders
    The money clip on this is extremely powerful, I've had this wallet for a couple of months now, and despite being used everyday, going in and out of my pocket constantly, not once has the leather looked worn out. I enjoy using this money clip and I'm definitely going to get on here to buy some more of your amazing product.
    Sarvesh Dhoke
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 22 , 2018
    I can carry my whole wallet in this tiny guy
    I've never thought about getting a money clip until recently when I realised I haven't really been using most of my wallet. So I dropped the wallet, decided to get me a Morris. Now Morris is more my kind, I never really realized but I'm more of a minimalist than I'd have imagined. I put two of my cards in each of the card slots, it doesn't damage it just stretches out a little. And the leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back is a dream!
    Joshua P
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 19 , 2018
    The magnet truly is long lasting!
    Morris is the best wallet I could've asked for, the leather is perfect and ages well. I've had this guy for a couple of months, and the magnet hasn't lost any of it's strength. I'm very pleased with this product
    Akash Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 15 , 2018
    The minimalist wallet I was looking for
    I love the look of the leather, extremely soft to the touch yet it's strong and durable. Such a minimalist wallet though, perfect for someone like me. The magnetic clip is extremely soft and works even after a long, long time.
    Rega Jha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 12 , 2018
    The strong magnet has me amazed.
    Morris is a really convenient wallet. Not too much, and not too little, just perfect. I don't need to carry more than two cards so that's convenient. But everything aside, the magnet has surprised me the most! Such a strong magnet this money clip has.
    Mahima Bhujpal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 10 , 2018
    I like it
    A small pocket wallet has always seemed like an impossible option, but when I came across Morris, I picked it up before I could change my mind. It fits my pockets, holds all of my essentials, and doesn't force me to compromise on wallet space. Absolutely love it.
    Venkat V
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 07 , 2018
    Love it!
    After being interested in a money clip for so long, I decided to finally give in and get one. And after browsing through multiple brands and price points, and being absolutely disappointed I finally landed up at Urby. Apart from the look of the product, the features, functionality, and price point are all perfect. Content, I placed an order, and when it arrived I was absolutely pleased and way too excited to see it. The leather was gorgeous and soft, the wallet looked amazing, and omg it was the best thing ever.
    Manpreet Kalsi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 04 , 2018
    it's great, just not for me
    I'm not really sure if this is my style. I wanted to see if I'd enjoy using a money clip, but it's too minimalist for me. The product is great and the leather is gorgeous, but just not my type.
    Shivani Surve
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 02 , 2018
    Seems like it was made just for me
    Morris is the most practical wallet I've ever owned. Never been a fan of big bags, and definitely do not like carrying my wallet in my hand, or loose change in my pockets. When I came across Morris, I almost screamed with joy. I carry all four of my cards in this, and it definitely fits in my pocket, making this extremely convenient too. So esctatic!
    Sagar More
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 30 , 2018
    So happy
    The leather wrapped magnetic clip on the back makes it for me. I've been using it for so long, and its still going strong, amazing!
    Radhika Surve
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 27 , 2018
    I finally got myself a money clip!
    I've forever felt like I need to get a mini wallet, only because I never have like carrying around loose cash. Just doesn't seem practical to me. So when I came across Morris, I couldn't contain myself. I just had to get it, and I did! With my name written on it. Feels really special every time I take it out and see my name on there. Love this.
    Atharva S
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 24 , 2018
    Love it.
    Morris is a really nice money clip, the leather wrapped magnetic clip is really strong. The two slip in card slots are perfect for a minimalist like me. The leather feels nice and soft and this is my favourite colour.
    Naveen Richard
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 21 , 2018
    This is a very convenient wallet. With just two card slots and a magnetic clip on the back, I have a very lightweight to the point wallet. Definitely looking into other products too!
    Ravindra M
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 17 , 2018
    So slim
    I've always wanted a mini wallet for when I don't feel like carrying too much, and Morris is definitely it. It always accompanies me to the store and the gym. The magnet is so so strong and because of how slim it is, it fits into my pocket effortlessly.
    Karan Talwar
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 14 , 2018
    Lovely product
    This money clip is the best thing I've come across. The perfect wallet for me. It's slim, efficient, and most importantly fits inside my pocket.
    Riddhima S
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 10 , 2018
    Meri koi bhi purse pocket main fit nahi hoti. Toh maine chota purse lene ka socha, aur mujhe Morris mil gaya. Magnet itna strong hai aur mere toh cards bhi nahi hai, toh yeh wallet mere liye best hai. Thank you Urby
    Sarika Ghosh
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 07 , 2018
    Good wallet
    I don't like carrying purse everywhere i wanted an easy solution and Morris was my easy solution. Strong money clip magnet and card slots help me carry a small wallet in my pockets all the time.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 05 , 2018
    Nice strong magnet
    The magnet is definitely nice and strong, I've been using this money clip for a while now and it still hasn't worn off.
    Amrita Sen
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 03 , 2018
    Card Case+Money Clip
    Card case+Money clip makes me very very happy. I carry all four cards plus a decent amount of cash and I'm prepared for the day!
    Abilash Rai
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 28 , 2018
    Amazing. Just not for me.
    This wallet isn't for a non-minimalist. I decided to give it a try, but I just couldn't get used to it. The money clip is amazing, just not for me.
    Punit Nair
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 27 , 2018
    Morris is my second wallet
    I already own a bifold and needed an alternative for when I don't feel like carrying an extra bulky wallet. It's slim, sleek, and so convenient. I definitely can fit 2 cards in each card slot without really damaging the product, and the leather is just so so soft. I'm considering switching out my other wallet too!
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 25 , 2018
    Nice but not my style.
    Morris is an amazing moneyclip, my only issue is there's no place for me to store my coins in. But the colour and the leather are stunning.
    Avinash Sargaonkar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 23 , 2018
    Strong magnet
    The one question I had in mind was, would the magnet be as strong as they say it is? That was the only thing that stopped me from buying it immediately. but I'm so glad I did. I've been using it for quite a while now and the magnet is still going strong!
    Palash Shukla
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 22 , 2018
    So good
    I love how good the leather feels, definitely looks like it'll age nicely.
    Shikha Gulati
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 21 , 2018
    Morris is the best
    Who wants to carry a gigantic, heavy purse when you're at the movies or go out for a casual dinner? Not me. I hate overstuffing my jean pockets and Morris definitely does the job. I dont normally carry quite a lot of coins, so this is the perfect product for me. Super slim and easily fits into my pockets. I love taking it everywhere now.
    Inderr R
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 20 , 2018
    My sister loved it!
    I decided to get my sister a money clip for her birthday. Odd choice? It was actually the best decision I made. She would always compain about zero pocket space and how much she hated struggling with an overflowing pocket. This seemed like the perfect choice for her, and it actually fit inside her pocket effortlessly. I even got it personalised with her name, and she was esctatic. She's in love with it, and I'm thinking of buying myself a new wallet too!
    Ashwin Saxena
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 19 , 2018
    Everything about Morris is just perfect. The magnetic clip is amazing and the two slip in card slots just make me so happy. Love this!
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 18 , 2018
    My first
    I didn't know what a money clip was before I stumbled upon Morris, and it got me curious so I decided to buy it. When it finally got here, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the leather is, and how good it looks. I was a little worried about the two slip-in card slots, but I can actually store a lot more than just two cards. All in all, I'm looking forward to buying more from Urby!
    Rohan K
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 17 , 2018
    The money clip looks good, just not my style. I do intend on purchasing another product from you! Nice work.
    Rajesh Jain
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 16 , 2018
    Four out of five
    It is a brilliant product, no doubt about it. But it takes some time to getting used to it. I have used it for a week now I have no issues. So I am enjoying the product pretty much.
    Lalit Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 13 , 2018
    It's an interesting simple to use money clip card case. Was a bit unsure but after getting the product, I am very happy with everything.
    Kamlesh Gadre
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 09 , 2018
    A real steal!
    I didn't think it would be this rich and great! The leather has good clean saffiano pattern and is genuinely good in look and feel!
    Mahesh S
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 07 , 2018
    So easy to use.
    I absolutely love the interior, it looks and feels great! I always use it when I have to go out for a quick run to the shop, or the gym. Since I've got Morris, I haven't had the need to carry my bulky wallet. Definitely recommend getting one yourself!
    Ninad Salvi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 04 , 2018
    It is a brilliant product, no doubt about it. But it takes some time to getting used to it. I have used it for a week now I have no issues. So I am enjoying the product pretty much.
    Lalit Kumar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 01 , 2018
    It's an interesting simple to use money clip card case. Was a bit unsure but after getting the product, I am very happy with everything.
    Rakshit Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 28 , 2018
    Four out of five
    It is a brilliant product, no doubt about it. But it takes some time to getting used to it. I have used it for a week now I have no issues. So I am enjoying the product pretty much.
    Manoj Dighe
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 24 , 2018
    Good product.
    The interior is exceptional. It compliments the leather so well. Both soft to the touch and look really good
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