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Keep your pens organised at home or workplace in style. Features fairly large compartments to accommodate regular-to-broad precious pen and pencils.

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Leather Pen Box Online In India

If you love your pens as much as you say you do, storing them out in the open, or in a drawer is not a good thing for you pen. If you’re a collector and consider pens to be valuables a pen collection box will make that job easy for you. With a display case, you can store your pens and showcase them in style. The pen storage case makes sure your pen isn’t damaged, because of how sensitive fountain pens can be. As a collector you won’t be using your pens, which would result in the ink drying (if not emptied) or spillage (if not stored upright). Pen display boxes can be used as accessories as well. Place them anywhere in your house and they act as a showpiece, storing and showing your collection off.

Why do I need a fountain pen display case ?

Depending on how many pens you own, a fountain display case is securely stores all your pens without causing too much damage. Doesn’t matter if its a modern pen, or vintage, pens need to be taken care of and this leather fountain pen case does just that. Fountain pens are sensitive and require extra care. Not just when they’re being used, but even when they’re being stored there’s a lot of steps to follow. If not cleaned well, the ink will dry ruining the nip. But cleaning them and storing them in cross leather pen cases will not only keep them safe and clean but uniquely show them off. Another reason to store your pens in a fountain pen box is to avoid them being jostled around or banged around, this could severely damage your pen and that’s not nice.

If you know any pen collectors, get them a gorgeous fountain pen case and make them feel special.

Personalized pen cases.

The best part about having a leather pen case is storing your prized possessions the way you want, in style. A great fountain pen display case is every collector’s best friend. Gifting can be even more special, engrave their name, or initial using the personalisation tool on and make their leather fountain pen case even more unique.

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