Just the thought itself of having your very own initials on the front of a very well made leather money clip wallet raises the excitement level. The very idea of having your initials on your money clip shows that it's specially made for you and you do care about your style. Personalization without a doubt, elevates the bespoke quotient and makes one feel a lot more sophisticated while adding a lot of personal value. The personalization service is available exclusively on web store. Using this service you can add your own name or initials to create that unique personalized money clip. The service comes with a choice of luxe gold and silver colors and allows you to play designer and place your choice of text in the center or the right. These days leather money clip wallets are gaining a lot of popularity and is becoming number one choice for the modern men. Using a personalized money clip wallet, you can carry money, credit cards safely in a front pocket without disturbing the lines of the trouser.


A personalized money clip wallet shows clearly that you have put in a lot of thought in carefully selecting the gift that you have chosen for the recipient. Without doubt, you make a first impression that you value the minimalist lifestyle that the recipient lives to and on top-of-it adding their own initials gives it a cool & sophisticated touch. Once upon a time the personalisation was reserved only for celebrities but with the super easy personalization service from Urby, you can act as a designer yourself and sort of create a product that is one hundred percent unique. With an amazing high quality personalized money clip wallet from Urby, they will surely thank you everyday that they will be touching the money clip.


Buying a money clip makes you stand out enough, having an engraved money clip is definitely a lot more unique! Getting your name and/or initials on your belongings makes it so much more personal. If you’re wondering about why you should have a mens custom money clip wallet then look at this way. Imagine pulling out your wallet to pay for a coffee and someone reads it, the conversations you could have is endless. When it comes to wallets money clips aren’t that common, owning something as unique as custom money clips is great.


Of course you do! An engraved leather money clip will definitely make you the talking point wherever you go! You’ll either be talked to, or about. Only because it’s something they haven’t come across before. Having your name engraved on your wallet is not only cool but definitely exclusive. Engraved money clip credit card holders also make amazing gifts. If you want to get your custom leather money clip wallet engraved, head on over to and check out their personalisation tool. Get your name or initials or the person you’re gifting it to in your choice of foil colour.


Last 10 years can unarguably be called as the decade of hashtags. On a planet of more than 7.5 billion people, you are sure to share a name with someone, but no one can take your instagram or twitter handle. It is undoubtedly the most unique identity of yours. Lately at, we have seen a cool trend of modern personalization, wherein people are opting for their twitter and insta handles on the product. If you come to think of it, won't it be really cool to pay for that tab in bar by removing your personalized money clip from your front pocket. It can surely be a great conversation starter.

Money Clip Buying Guide

A guide to help you choose the right money clip.

Personalised Money Clip - Make your money clip truly yours and unique by personalising it with your name or initials on it.

Money Clip Color Options - Get the money clip in the colour of your choice. You can choose from a variety of colors like Black Money Clip, Brown Money Clip, Red Money Clip and Gold Money Clip.

Types of Money Clips - Money clip comes in several types. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle : Magnetic Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Wallet Money Clip, Money Clip Card Holder, Front Pocket Wallet Money Clip

Stylish and neutral design - The leather money clips offered by India's premium online store Urby can be used as both Men's money clip as well as Women's money clip. It complements any style really well.

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