Pocket Wallet

Pocket Wallet


Pocket wallets are slim modern sized compact wallet that fits well in your pocket without compromising on the functionality. These slim style wallets hold your folded cash, cards and may even have a separate slot for your id or your coins. The idea is to intelligently make it slim using intelligent craftsmanship and thoughtful functionality. The format of a pocket wallet includes any of bifold wallet, money clip wallet, front pocket wallet and so on that are designed for modern needs.


While wallets have timelessly been one of the most important men’s accessories, the contemporary wallets were made for a different kind of storage. They focused solely on functionality and nothing else thus ending up making it spacious but with a lot of bulk. However, times have changed and along with the fashion, even the way we use our wallets have changed. Today payments are mostly done with cards and wallets are stored in pockets by both men and women for easy and quick access to their cash and cards. Owing to these pocket-sized wallets that are slim and classy looking dominate the wallet market today. So if you are looking for a thoughtful wallet that fits your requirements of the day today while keeping mind the fashion of today - the pocket wallet is a wallet you should go for. These pocket wallets are slim and intelligently designed such that they fit in your pocket without adding an unattractive bulky look to your outfit - all this without compromising on the functionality. That is, you can still store all the necessary contents without having to compromise on any of it.


Set the trend by using pocket wallets that look slim and sleek. Pocket wallets for men and pocket wallets for women are easily accessible and convenient to use. They also look stylish and to the look of your outfit. Urby.in offers pocket wallets in India online in various designs and leather options. You can choose from textured leather to soft plain leather as per your choice of style. You can even personalize it with your name or initials to make it truly yours.

Wallet for Men Buying Guide

Types of Mens Wallet - Mens Wallet come in several styles: Slim Wallet, Large Wallet, Billfold Wallet, Bifold Wallet, Trifold Wallet, Wallet with Coin Pocket, Wallet with ID Window, Wallet with Zipper, Wallet with Button, Vertical Wallet, Breast Wallet, Front Pocket Wallet, Coin Wallet, Long Wallet

Personalised Mens Wallet - To make your wallet truly special and unique, you can personalize it with your initials, name or message in your choice of foil color.

Colors - Get the mens wallet in the color of your choice. Urby offers wallets for men in Black Wallet, Brown Wallet, Red Wallet, White Wallet, Blue Wallet, Green Wallet, Pink Wallet, Purple Wallet, Gold Wallet, Tan Wallet, Grey Wallet and many more.

Minimalist Wallet - For those who believe in fewer the better and likes to carry just the bare essentials, Urby offers special minimalist wallets for men

Designer Wallet - If your taste is high on fashion and would love to make a statement with your wallets then check out Urby's collection of designer wallets for men and stylish wallets

Luxury Wallets - For men with finer taste and eye for top notch quality products Urby offers amazing collection of luxury wallets for men .

Size of Mens Wallet - Mens Wallet come in several sizes: Large Wallet, Small Wallet, Long Wallet, Slim Wallet. You can choose yours depending on your lifestyle.

Cool Wallets - Find a wallet that suits you the most in Urby’s vast collection of cool wallets.

Unique Wallets - If you’re looking for unconventionally, stylish wallets then look no further! Check out Urby’s collection of unique mens wallets.

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