Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black
Scott Slim Billfold Wallet - Milano Black

Scott |  Slim Billfold Wallet

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Colour: Milano Black
Rs. 1,345

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About Scott
About Scott

Scott is a simple yet sleek and sophisticated wallet. It is thoughtfully designed to have enough room to keep exactly what you need. With its slim profile, it will fit comfortably into your trousers, even the ones that fit a little tight.

With its right size combined with slim profile, Scott feels nice and flat in the front pocket too. Add personalisation to make it truly unique.



Premium quality real leather
10 cm x 10.5 cm


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customers who purchased this product shared the below feedback on quality, craftsmanship and style. If you make a purchase, We'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures. Email us at with your order number and awesome feedback.
64 reviews.   Average rating 4.8/5 Urby calculates the product review ratings using a artificial intelligence algorithm instead of a raw data average. This algorithm takes into account factors including but not limited to: the age of review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified buyers.
    Jaspreet Kalsi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 11 , 2018
    Best wallet for a minimalist like me
    The last time I ordered a slim wallet from this amazing brand, it turned out to be not so slim afterall. So when I stumbled upon Scott while looking for one I was not too sure about if it really was slim. But upon looking at the images and going through a couple of the reviews, I was almost convinced that this is what I want. It arrived neatly packaged in a stunning box, and Scott truly was a durable, and stylish slim wallet. As a minimalist, this wallet is the best wallet for me.
    Harshad Kagane
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jun 04 , 2018
    Really like how slim this billfold is.
    Scott is a really efficient slim billfold wallet. The 6 credit card slots seemed so tight but when I went to use it, it was the perfect size. Absolutely amazing. Easily fits inside my pocket too.
    Rachit Arora
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 27 , 2018
    This wallet is such a delight to use, with the 6 credit card slots, and the interior currency pocket, I don't have to keep on going back and forth between way too many slots. This is just perfect.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 24 , 2018
    I love how simplistic Scott is. I initially thought that this wallet would be too plain for me, but it feels just right, despite having one single main interior currency pocket.
    Akash Khurana
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 20 , 2018
    Amazing stuff
    I was scouting for a slim wallet and stumbled upon Scott. It has the right amount of slot and pockets and the leather is incredibly soft.
    Suraj Shukla
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 16 , 2018
    nice wallet but not for me
    i like that this wallet have 6 credit card slots, but this wallet is not for me. I want two main pockets. It is nice leather but and wallet is very soft
    Bharat Dixit
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 12 , 2018
    Very nice
    With the amount of slots, you'd this this wallet isn't a good idea, but since i got this wallet it has made me prioritise what I should and shouldn't carry along. Definitely an amazing product and I'm thinking of buying another product from Urby.
    Raman Ahuja
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 07 , 2018
    Such a nice minimalist wallet.
    Verified Urby Customer
    May 02 , 2018
    Love it
    I wanted a nice pocket friendly wallet that was still a true classic. Scott is definitely an unconventional bifold, with 1 interior currency pocket and 6 credit card slots it still manages to stay slim and sleek keeping me stylish.
    Ritvik H
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 28 , 2018
    Definitely happy
    As a traditionalist, a classic bifold has always made me happy. Simple and sleek, just how I like it. But a bifold can be a bit on the bulky side, and to avoid that, I'd have to cut down on a few items I normally carried. I was surprised to find something similar, just a lot thinner. So so so pleased.
    Atharva Despande
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 23 , 2018
    Scott is an absolute delight! I didn't want to part with my old bifold, but it was old and tattered. When I came across Scott, I couldn't believe a bifold could be slim. But even after storing all my essentials, it has managed to stay slim unlike my old bifold. Definitely see myself coming back for more!
    Vivek D'souza
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 18 , 2018
    Excellent product
    Hema Thadani
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 15 , 2018
    Discovered good brand
    Did you all know how difficult it is to find a wallet with these features? I had been trying so much. The quality is needless to say branded. They deliver what they promised. This isn't for me, husband is using it. He is very happy. I am glad I purchased from here.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 12 , 2018
    Very good simple wallet
    Very good simple wallet
    John A
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 12 , 2018
    Stylish wallet
    Very different Design. I love it.
    Upasana Sharma
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 10 , 2018
    Good product
    This wallet is really good. Simple and perfect for wallet users like my dad who prefers minimal contents.
    Rohun Chavan
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 08 , 2018
    Awesome service and wallet
    I had heard a lot about their service. True to the talks these guys are really good. Proudct is amazing.
    Chinmay Baweja
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 04 , 2018
    Decent set of people
    It was a special gift for my friend. During my purchase I had to interact with the team several times and they were so patient with me. The wallet when I received further added to the whole experience. will definitely buy again.
    Riyansh Bhavik
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 02 , 2018
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    God the leather is so soft and beautiful, can't believe they are offereing such good quality here at such price. This is better than ANY of the wallets I have used . Can't get over the quality. Absolutely loving it.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Apr 01 , 2018
    Personalisation is icing
    On top of such an amazing product, personalisation was icing on the cake. Will recommend.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 30 , 2018
    Simple and comfortable
    I was looking for a simple wallet that would serve my purpose. This was a very good purchase
    Yogesh Ghosh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 28 , 2018
    Five stars for quality
    I can already feel that this one is going to last long long. Leather is rich and soft.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 27 , 2018
    Simple and sweet
    Simple sweet product with very rich feel
    Rishi M
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 25 , 2018
    Stylish small wallet
    Liked the size and leather quality
    Shyaam Pagne
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 24 , 2018
    Perfect leather and perfect wallet
    Mihir G
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 20 , 2018
    Nice wallet
    Liked it very much
    Pratiksha Mamadapur
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 19 , 2018
    Exceptional experience
    Just one word - Extraordinary
    Muhammad Abdul Khan
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 14 , 2018
    As expected
    Leather is real and soft quality. Product is as expected.
    Satish Kr
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 10 , 2018
    Nice durable wallet
    Small size as I always wanted
    Lubna Roy
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 09 , 2018
    More than just gift
    Purchased it first as a gift for Jiju. Was so good purchased anotherr one for my husband. Really simple and nice.
    Nikhil C
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 05 , 2018
    Five stars
    Madhav Oak
    Verified Urby Customer
    Mar 02 , 2018
    So glad!
    You guys offer such interesting colour! Can't believe I am getting such interesting beautiful colour in India of such good quality. Keep it up.
    Aayush G
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 26 , 2018
    Good small size wallet
    A different structure makes it easy to hold in one hand. Card keeping style is also cool. Very good quality.
    Jagjit Singh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 22 , 2018
    Great wallet
    Nice and new. Arrived right time.
    Purvesh Haldankar
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 20 , 2018
    No space for coins.
    I loved the rich feel of leather and design and was so happy. But then i opened and realised I can't keep a single coin. Had to return it. Three stars because they were helpful with returns and product quality is no problem. Please introduce coin pocket next time. Disappointed.
    Sanjana K
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 19 , 2018
    Thoughtfully designed
    Very different vertical sort of structure. Feels good in hand and I felt it as very convenient.
    Faiz A
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 17 , 2018
    Great product
    Great product
    Mohan Rau
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 13 , 2018
    Sophisticated wallet
    Very sophisticated rich design along with top notch smooth leather
    Lopamudra Das
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 10 , 2018
    Good leather.
    Gayatri Upadhyay
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 07 , 2018
    Will recommend to everyone.
    If you are buying for husband or male member who is simple and does not like bulging pockets, this is perfect. My husband loves this wallet and he will carry it everyday.
    Charlie Kanda
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 04 , 2018
    Nice and soft. Rich.
    Nice Soft leather. Comfortably fits in my pant pockets.
    Arushi G
    Verified Urby Customer
    Feb 01 , 2018
    Small nice wallet
    Liked the vertical design. Feels so nice in hand. Perfect for me.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 31 , 2018
    Great one
    Great wallet. Recommend it.
    Amitabh Prasad Yadav
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 27 , 2018
    Very good
    Very good leather wallet
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 26 , 2018
    Good small wallet
    Very simple & good quality wallet
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 20 , 2018
    The best wallet
    Amazing quality.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 19 , 2018
    Good stuff
    1) The leather is good. Surprised they are offering something so good for this price.
    2) Card slots are tight which is how it should be in leather wallets. Over a period of time they tend to loosen up. So looks like they thought well while designing.
    Overall, it is cool.
    Durgesh Murugeshwaran
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 14 , 2018
    Very nice looking wallet
    Looks good and from the quality of the leather, it should last long
    Ram Lodi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 10 , 2018
    Quality products
    This wallet comes with top notch quality along with personalisation. Makes it even more unique and personal. Very good. Just introduce more options in personalisation and even women's wallet please.
    Sharad Bansal
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 06 , 2018
    Simple and to my taste
    Perfect for classy simple people
    Jeena Shreepadh
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 03 , 2018
    5 stars
    Will pakka recommend
    Verified Urby Customer
    Jan 01 , 2018
    Nice item
    Nice item
    Emmanuel Pareira
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 31 , 2017
    Real and genuine
    These guys are offering real and genuine rich leather at his price. Wow!
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 27 , 2017
    Rich posh wallet
    Leather and wallet really look rich and posh. The material used are really high quality.
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 25 , 2017
    Very good quality product
    Very good quality leather
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 20 , 2017
    A great design
    A thoughtful wallet. Well made. Great quality of leather used.
    Sachin B
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 18 , 2017
    Varun Masih
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 16 , 2017
    Totally recommend this wallet
    Anshuman Sinha
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 12 , 2017
    Very nice wallet
    Very nice leather wallet for men. Will recommend to all men.
    Sushil Rathi
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 08 , 2017
    Really a slim wallet
    For people who are looking for a slim wallet, do consider this one. It isn't a scam. This wallet really is slim and made of great leather. (Atleast the navy one I got is great.)
    Cleston D'souza
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 07 , 2017
    Really slim
    This wallet is really slim as promised in the description. It fits all my cards and my cash well. They have done something with way its crafted, the leather is a thick and nice as should be. Oh and the wallet is also very very soft. It's nie to hold.
    Harish Chatterjee
    Verified Urby Customer
    Dec 02 , 2017
    Amazing service
    It was a special gift for my friend. During my purchase I had to interact with the team several times and they were so patient with me. The wallet when I received further added to the whole experience. will definitely buy again.
    Taaresh Taneja
    Verified Urby Customer
    Nov 28 , 2017
    Great quality
    I absolutely love this wallet. Soft leather, great design, it definitely feels like its my style.
    Arun Lalla
    Verified Urby Customer
    Oct 20 , 2017
    Taking my time with it
    Purchased it as wanted to try something new. It is exactly how they have shown it. In hand it feels rich. Lets see how it goes.
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