Smart Wallets

The fully featured smart wallet is made for classic usage with extraordinary experience. It puts a twist in every feature without losing the aesthetics of your everyday wallet.


Smart Wallets

For centuries now, a wallet has been used for money keeping by men and women alike. Although through the years, the wallet hardly went through any remodelling or restructuring, the industry is now undergoing major reinvention – wallets of all shapes, sizes, structures and functions are being manufactured - and favoured - by people. One such invention is our smart wallet. The growing adoption of plastic cards over currency has led us to creating a smart wallet that favours the former.

Our smart wallet has six slots that can accommodate many credit, debit, loyalty, frequent flier and other plastic cards. Besides, it also has a jacquard – lined slot with a strong magnet opening to place folded bills, notes and other papers. The discrete slot within is the perfect place for a locker key, some coins, a guitar pick or a special note.

The smart wallet is with the times and ahead of the traditional wallet in leaps and bounds. It utilizes minimum leather to give it a sleek structure and enough card slots to accommodate all the usual cards – and more. It also has a spacious room for note-keeping giving you the best of a traditional bi-fold... and then some more. It is our awesome addition to the range of wallets for men: a Card Holder, a front pocket wallet or a money clip wallet.

So, next time you are considering buying a wallet for yourself or for someone else, consider ditching the traditional bi-fold and opt for a smart wallet instead! A smart wallet for the smart phone generation, the wallet will delight you!

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