Tie Cases

A travel friendly leather tie case with a rich velvet lining. Features an internal pouch, multiple straps and a zip around closure.

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Tie Cases Online In India

Urby specializes in optimum storage of products-especially travel related items- and the leather tie case is one of them. It allows the owner to store up to 4 ties that are pressed and presentation ready. Additionally, it contains a pouch to hold your tie stays and cufflinks.

Urby sells leather tie cases online in India which are of high-end quality and comes in 2 colours-brown and black. These tie cases are made of premium tanned leather and has a rich fabric lining. Any traveler is always pressed for space in his luggage, trying to use it in the best possible way. Therefore, to make it easier for this traveler, we introduced Leather Tie Cases in our product inventory. The tie cases we sell online provide a traveler to store the most in the least amount of space. Its special feature being that it is very sleek and travel friendly. The full zipper closure not only makes it user-friendly, but also ensures that the sleekness is maintained and additionally giving it a very classy appearance.

So, if you’re looking to buy leather tie cases online in India, you have come to the right place! We assure you that you will love what we have to offer and will be extremely satisfied by the product’s performance. And if that happens, do come by again and check out our Watch Cases! They’re delightful!

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