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Toiletry Bags Online In India

What are toiletry bags? A travel toiletry bag, used by men and women alike is a portable pouch with a waterproof interior, where you store all your body hygiene and toiletry essentials like combs, toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, etc while travelling. While efficient and practical, these are also easy to store in your bags or carry them around as accessories. Initially made with leather, toiletry bags are now made using other materials as well.

Origin of toiletry bags

Toiletry bags were actually introduced in the 20th century by a man named Charles Doppelt, a german leathersmith who made his way to america during the early 1900s. The first toiletry bag was made of leather and was introduced as a dopp kit for dads. According to various stories though, it was actually his nephew Jerome Harris, who came up with the idea of a mens toiletry bag. It was named the Dopp kit, paying homage to the original maker. They are still known as toiletry bags around the world. As a result of being handed over to new recruits during the second World War, these mens toiletry bags became a huge success. Toiletry bags are referred to as Dopp kits only in America.

Why should I use a toiletry pouch?

Because who wants to carry extra baggage? Or worse an extra bag just to accommodate all of your supplies? By getting yourself a toiletry bag, you’re making things easier by 1) assembling all of you toiletry essentials in one place and 2) accommodating said travel toiletry bag in your luggage. Aside from this, we’ve all turned our bags upside down at one point just because we couldn’t find the toothpaste or we forgot to pack the soap! To save ourselves the trouble of being caught unprepared, a toiletry pouch is absolutely necessary! Travel toiletry bags don’t necessarily have to be used to store grooming and hygiene items, they can be used to store a lot more! A toiletry pouch is a simple way of keeping you organised.

Isn’t toiletry bag and toiletry pouch the same thing?

Yes they are. Toiletry bags are known by a bunch of names around the world, toiletry bags and toiletry pouches happen to be two of them. Regardless of what they’re called, they are the same exact thing. A bag storing all your hygiene essentials. People sometimes store their makeup, brushes, contacts, etc as well. Because of being compact, travel toiletry bags can either be stored in your luggage or can be carried around just as is.

Should I buy a travel toiletry bag?

Yes you should! A toiletry bag can definitely be versatile. Made with poly canvas material and a waterproof interior, these toiletry bags will prove to be far more efficient compared to storing your essentials directly into your bag. Ever find a mashed up tube of toothpaste in between your clothes? Lost your toothbrush or forgot to pack it at all? A travel toiletry bag will prevent all of this from happening and so much more. Toiletry pouches are a practical way to store your essentials! Toiletry bags online

Planning a trip soon? Need a compact solution to finding stray makeup or hygiene products at the bottom of your bag or in between your clothes? For this and more, check out Urby’s collection of toiletry bags and choose your pick from a variety of colours! Mens toiletry bags can also be used as a place to store your shaving kits and makeup can be stored in toiletry bags for women.

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