Travel Document Holder

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Travel Document Holder Online In India

What is a travel document holder?

How do you normally carry your passport, boarding pass, currencies, cards, tickets, etc? Do you dump it in your bag all at once? Or do you struggle to stuff them in your pockets for easy access? We have a better solution. A passport and travel document holder is a wallet that securely stores all the essential travel documents needed to travel overseas in one place.

Do I really need a leather passport document holder?

Do you prefer finding all your travel essentials in one spot or do you want to look for your passport or boarding pass in a state of frenzy? Having a travel document organizer wallet not only makes your travel effortless, it’s also practical with compartments and slots for your boarding pass, passport, tickets, etc and you would know exactly where to find them! Say goodbye to awkwardly shuffling for your documents and hello to efficiency with the leather travel document case.

Different kinds of leather travel document case

Just because it securely stores your passports and boarding pass, doesn’t mean it has to look the part as well. There are different types of travel documents based on size, capacity, an extra compartment, and a zipper going around it. To find this and so much more, check out Urby’s collection of passport document holders in a variety of colours and sizes.

Take it up a notch

Make your leather travel document case say your name by using the personalisation tool on and get your name and/or initials to make your passport document holder truly unique.

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