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Why one should carry a visiting card holder ?

In a corporate environment first impression is the most important one. Thus carrying a high quality business card case shows a lot about your taste and style. One of the most common mistake that people do is to keep their visiting cards in their regular wallet. According to style gurus at Urby studio, it is one of the biggest mistakes that people do. Opportunities don't always come knocking on your door and thus whenever there is a chance of that awesome deal or that business presentation it makes so much of a difference to remove your visiting card from a visiting card holder.

Where to buy visiting card holder online in India ?

At Urby, we have designed a great collection of stylish leather visiting card holders. If you are looking for just a handful of visiting cards to be kept in a visiting card carrying case, then you can opt for Austen Envelope visiting card case. Alternatively if you looking to carry a deck of cards and seggregate them from others, then Preston and Madison visiting card holders are the perfect choice. In one section you can keep your visiting cards and theirs in the other. No matter which business card wallet you choose from Urby, it is certain that the design you choose is a unique business card cases and you will surely get a lot of attention.

Business card holder ideas for your next big meeting.

If you are planning to attend a business networking event and need ideas for a great visiting card holder, look no further, Urby has lots of good options. When you select a stylish business card holder, you can pass on your business cards in style. For the same, we recommend going for a visiting card holder with two sides on the flaps, and using one of the flaps to keep a deck of your cards and use the others to store the cards that you receive.

Wholesale visiting card cases for your organisation

When you have a workforce that need to attend conferences and business meetings where they have to give their business cards to other people, it becomes very important as to how they are stored because in a way it is a reputation of your company. That being said, you can select personalised visiting card holders and cases when buying in bulk from us. They can be personalised with your company logo and also the name of the employee if you wish.

Card Holder Buying Guide

Types of Card holder - Card holders come in several styles: ATM Card Holder , Credit Card Holder, Visiting Card Holder

Card Holders for Everyone - Get a card holder wallet that completely reflects you and your personality. Urby offers tons of colours and styles in both Men's card holder as well as Women's card holder.

Custom Card Holder - Individualize your custom card holder and truly make it your own with your name and/or initials in your choice of foil colours

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