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Wallets for men include various designs based on functionality and usage. Wallets for men can be a billfold wallet which is a classic contemporary design or it can be a money clip wallet for minimalistic people or even front pocket wallet for those who prefer keeping their wallet in their shirt’s front pocket. Thus there are many types. Originally, a product to carry cash has always been made in strong leather material. These days many mistake the tag “genuine leather” and assume all leathers are the same. However, leather comes in various types and the quality differs. offers premium leather that are rich not just in look and feel but even its content at most fair price.


Wallets are one of the most important accessories of the few accessories dedicated for men. Right from your cufflinks to your shoes to the outfit you are wearing all form important parts of your personality. Why leave any stone unturned by using a fat bulky unthoughtful wallet. If you are wearing a suit and carrying a non-breast pocket wallet then it is just putting down the effect your suit could have given in its full form. If you don’t have many cards but your wallet has all the bulk it could have with a lot of unnecessary card slots then it is doing more harm than good to you. If you are someone who keeps their wallet in their back-pocket then your wallet needs to slim in shape to cater to an unharmful body posture. The wallet you are using is more than just an accessory. It is a statement you make every time you reach out to it to pay or to share your business card.


While wallets for men in leather come in various designs chances are your wallet might just look similar to all the other wallets out there. How different can a classic wallet look? You can your wallet truly yours and unique with the option at to personalise your wallet. All you have to do is opt for personalization option while purchasing the wallet of your choice and enter your details such as initials or name to make it personalized.


While many prefer having wallets that are made of leather, one should always look for a brand that gives a good service as well. While a gents purse that has a brand may cost more money, it is also true that a brand will give services as well as quality worth the money. A gents leather purse of brand is the best thing to invest your money in to gain a more fumble-free organised experience. Often when one gets used to their gents purse, it becomes very inconvenient to spend money and buy another wallet and go through another process of getting used to the gents purse. That is where brand comes into the picture. They may charge additional money but it is all for the quality and service offered by the brand for your gents purse such that it lasts you long and you don’t have to change your brand or your gents purse. So invest your money for long term in a good gents purse with a brand than buying a gents purse once every while.

Wallets for Men Buyer’s Guide

By Features

Billfold Wallet

Billfolds are a classic when it comes to wallets. One of the most common yet convenient wallets for gents, they still stand strong to this day. These wallets are versatile and efficient. Check out Urby’s wide range of billfold wallets and find the you like best.

Coin Wallet

The name says it all, a wallet that stores all your coins is a coin wallet. More and more gents have been opting for coin wallets instead. Check out Urby’s vast collection of coin wallets to choose the one you want.

Pocket Wallet

A modern, slim wallet that fits in mens front pocket without compromising on any space. These wallets are trendsetters and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Find front pocket wallets on

Zipper Wallet

A wallet with a zipper closure ensures none of its contents spill out, especially when you’re in a hurry. Zipper wallets can be your travel companions as well as your everyday wallets too. Choose from a wide range of rich and premium leather mens zipper wallets at

Trifold Wallets

Trifolds are generally bigger than a bifold, but are also a lot more compact. With triple the amount of space, a trifold could very well be your everyday wallet. Check out Urby’s wide range of trifold wallets mens to make your purchase.

Bifold Wallet

Bifold wallets are a timeless and are simple, sleek leather wallets that are effortlessly stylish. Gents tend to sway towards a bifold more. Pick one from Urby’s collection of Bifold wallets and up your style.

By Colour

Black Wallet

Black wallets are a staple by now. They’re more formal, and work for every occasion. Urby offers black wallets for mens in different styles and sizes. Pick one you’d like the best.

White Wallet

Not many gents would go for a white wallet, only because it is an unconventional colour. But white wallets would add a subtle pop to all of your outfits. Find the white wallet you’d like from

Red Wallet

Red is a hot colour, it is loud and very bright. Many men would refrain from getting a red wallet and would instead opt for blacks or browns. Choose a red wallet to stand out from the crowds. Find red wallets on and pick one you’d like the best.

By Size

Slim Wallet

A slim wallet is a compact wallet with maximum space. These wallets have been designed keeping your wallet needs in mind. Check out Urby’s wide range of mens slim wallets.

Long Wallet

Long Wallets are slowly becoming the norm now and you could join in on it too. With all the space in the world, they can work as travel wallets as well as suit wallets whenever you need it to. Find mens long wallets on and pick the one that suits you the best.

Mini Wallets

Small wallets are an extremely popular option with men these days. Avoid an awkward bulky, bulge check out small wallets for men at

By Lifestyle

Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallets are slim, sleek, and convenient. With minimum amount of slots, these wallets allow you to carry everything you need. For men who believe in fewer the better and likes to carry the bare essentials, Urby offers minimalist wallets for men.

Designer Wallets

Designer wallets are wallets that have been designed thoughtfully keeping your wallet needs in mind. The thoughtfulness of the designer reflects upon how one uses the wallet. If your taste is high on fashion and would love to make a statement with your wallets then check out Urby’s collection of designer wallets for men.

Cool Wallets

Cool wallets are gaining popularity now. Gone are the days where a majority of people used to opt for a trusty bifold. A wallet is a style statement, and you’d want to pick one that goes with yours. And you can do just that by checking out Urby’s vast collection of cool wallets.

Luxury Wallets

Luxury wallets are handcrafted from the finest of leather’s, and look and feel like royalty. For men with finer taste and eye for top notch quality products, up your style game with luxury wallets for men from Urby’s amazing collection.

Unique Wallet

Anything that’s out of the ordinary can be considered unique. A different colour, texture, or style. If you’re looking for extraordinarily stylish wallets, then look no further. Urby offers a wide range of unique mens wallets.

Stylish Wallets

A wallet is a direct representation of your style, available in different colours and styles pick one that suits your style the most from Urby’s collection of stylish wallets.

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