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Leather wallets for women come in various types and design. One misunderstanding that many tend to have when it comes to leather is that all leather material are same. “Genuine leather” is an umbrella term for many types of leather and can mean many different things. However, you can easily spot the difference between a good premium leather and a material that can barely be called leather. At Urby you will find a range of interesting, fashionable wallets in premium leather combined with authentic skilled craftsmanship. These leather are not just premium but also rich and unique in its look and feel. You will find these wallets in many different textures and every color from classic to unconventional colors, from funky to minimal sophisticated colors, you will find a wallet for every special occasion outfit. So if you are looking for your money’s worth of premium leather wallets for women, you can order online in India from Urby.in. Thus, out of all the ladies wallet brands, from urby you can easily avail the latest wallets for ladies or best wallets for women without any trouble. You will find that on urby all the volets for women are made of genuine leather and thus you will have the best wallets for women.


There are many reasons to buy womens wallets online. The types of women’s wallets include an extensive scope. As most women carry their wallets in their handbags the wallet shapes come in various sizes from big clutches to small card cases. At Urby you will find small sized wallets that provides enough space as much as a clutch would. Thus you can keep these versatile wallets in your pocket as well as your bag. These wallets are called by various names like ladies wallet, volets for womens, ladies volet and so on. You can buy the best wallets for women or to be precise volets for womens on brands like urby. These ladies leather purse are easily available online in best quality and will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you receive your volets for womens you will notice that these women’s wallet brands are useful and these latest wallets for ladies are really helpful in organising your cash and cards and more. Given these reasons it is no wonder that volet for womens is really popular in India as most women love to go ahead buy womens wallet online.


Don’t just stop at being selective and precise about your choice volet for womens. Get it personalized too. At Urby the brand offers an option to get your ladies leather purse personalized at a nominal rate. Thus you can choose from various designs and make and then make your ladies leather purse truly yours by adding your initials or name to it by hot-stamping on it in gold or silver. Thus you can even match which colour complements the ladies leather purse best. You can choose to personalize these wallets for women with your name or your initials. This is what makes it a perfect accessory for gifting as well. You can get your short message your loved one's nickname embossed on the wallet and increase the value of the gift by giving it such personal touch.

Wallet for Women Buying Guide

Types of womens wallets - Womens wallets come in several styles: Womens Trifold Wallets , Cute Wallets, Womens Pocket Wallet, Small Wallets for Women

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